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04 December 2015 09:13

What is Union Council and Why Should I Care?



What is Union Council?

Union Council is the Union’s highest decision making body – meaning it has the power to make some pretty serious changes to your time in Southampton. Union Council approves things like financial expenditure, holds officers to account, and also discusses and votes on policies.

What is the point?

We are completely student led, so we rely on this body of elected student representatives to deliberate and decide on big issues, so we know we are making the right decisions on behalf of our 23,000+ students.

Kind of like a mini government, Council is a space for anyone to come and have oversight of the Union, as well as bringing up issues and changes.




The point is, every single student here is a member of the Union, and every single student does have something they want to change- however big or small. Council is the place for them to come and make that happen!


Who can go to Council?

Any student can come and speak at council, but Union Councillors and Union Council members are the only ones who can vote. Council members are made up by Student Leaders- who represent different parts of the Union- and Union Councillors- who reflect the makeup of the student body. All of these members are elected by students.

What will be discussing this time round?

You can find the agenda here, but some of the ideas we will be discussing this time round include:

-The sale of bottled water on campus

-What we should do about the government changes to NHS bursaries for health students

-The Union’s 5 year strategy (Vision 2020)

-Ethically divisive adverts

-Workspace and facilities in the University and the impact its had on you

When and where is it?

The next Union Council is on Tuesday 8th December at 18:00. Council takes place in the Senate Room of building 37, but you can come to the SUSU reception from 17:45 if you want someone to help you find it.


Any more questions, please let me know by emailing, or you can email Jade, the Chair of Union Council at



See you there!

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