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18 December 2015 11:30

Christmas- A Year in Creative Industries

Wow, what a year!

We have over 70 brilliant and bizarre Creative Industries Societies here at SUSU, and they’ve all been super busy this year basically being awesome.

These societies are all run by student volunteers who dedicate so much of their time – alongside their degrees and other responsibilities – to creating fun communities and friendships for students; putting on exciting activities; contributing to good causes; and basically producing creative excellence.

Below is just a short list of some of the amazing things the Creative Industries societies have achieved this year, but I’ll leave you with a massive Thank you and Merry Christmas to every student involved in a C.I society, and a toast to all your successes to come in 2016!



Wessex Films  got a group of 20 members to take part in Southampton Film Week’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, where they got three 2nd place awards and one 3rd place for their short film, which you can see here

 The Edge have reached over 1 million online views, and have had fantastic coverage of the entertainment world. They’ve also been in collaboration with SUSUtv to create The Edge Sessions- which will even feature the Hoosiers!

Union Films  managed to show the Hunger Games on its first release, with sell out screenings and a midnight screening featuring a pyrotechnic display! They also had the Back to the Future marathon and Halloween all-nighter.uf hg

Livesoc and Rocksoc continue to celebrate their amazing reputation and growing membership. At the start of the year they had the ever popular Alternative Freshers’ Party in Monte Bar.

eSports Society have had over 10 submissions into the National University eSports League. The society observed a near tripling of our member numbers, going from an approximate ~80 interested members before affiliation, to just shy of 300 members official members (far more on the facebook page).

SUSUtv have grown their membership and views, with loads of varying projects including the fantastic Have I Got News For You, and their Children in Need coverage, which got 4956 views and over £250 for charity

Steampunk Society (Krakensoc) ran their fabulous Vintage Masquerade Ball for the 3rd year with around 50 attendees. They also took a party to the Weekend at the Asylum (the largest Steampunk event in Europe held in Lincoln)

Surge trained over 100 new DJs, hosted a highly successful regional conference, had Chris Stark and Rich Clarke (both proper radio hosts) do short shows on Surge, Surge Sessions including Frank Turner, SRA mentions aplenty, two SRA Nominations, and now lots of planning for next year, especially the LGBTQ stuff!hoosiers

Wessex Scene have recruited 600 new writers, doubled our hits, been on SPA SW, nominated for a Guardian Student Media award, had stories picked up by SPA, broken stories before the national press twice, and had a black history month special issue

The 30 something societies that make up Performing Arts have had more achievements than you can shake a conducting baton at, including having 15 nominations for the Curtain Call Awards. They’ve also had some actors selected to take part in National Student Drama Festival. On top of that they’ve kickstarted their Free Music Lesson Scheme for non- music students and are about to kickstart SIPAA (Students in Performing Arts Association).  Here’s just a short selection of PA successes:

SUSO, our own Symphonic Orchestra, is continuing their outreach programme Baby SUSO, going into schools and performing and running workshops.

SUBLDS had success at the Bath Winter Friendly competition

 Check out this awesome Melodics acapella cover of Cheerleaderbrass band

The brass band kept us all festive at the Christmas light switch on

SUSUPA had a cracking dance flash mob at freshers’ fayre 

Showstoppers had a four star Edinburgh Fringe Show 12191340_10156165182165117_1299453621994948290_o

Kandyan and Bharata Natyam Dance Society performed at the Medsoc ball

Circsoc put on a mesmerising performance at their fire and electronic music show

You can find out the other Creative Societies you can join here 

If I’ve missed anything, please let us know and we’ll share it from our Creative Industries Facebook page, keep up the good work guys- it doesn’t go unnoticed!

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