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28 January 2016 18:06

The BIG Give 2016: it’s BIG and it’s coming! (Sabb Blog Takeover 5)

The BIG Give is upon us!

Next week, the Union will be bombarded with a series of huge events; dozens of volunteers working tirelessly with the ambition of raising thousands of pounds for three very worthy causes.

Our motto is a simple one: GIVE A POUND. CHANGE A LIFE.

If every student gave just £1, a donation to our charities Make A Wish Foundation, Student Minds and The Red Lipstick Foundation would be enormous! These charities are all incredible and will be benefitting from any donations collected next week (30th Jan – 8th Feb) in our ticket sales and collections buckets. More can be found out about them and their aims at susurag.org/biggive

Southampton’s RAG week has an incredibly colourful history and some of the previous stunts have even resulted in the society being banned and reprimanded. From stealing classic cars from museums, to breaking into prisons, and repainting the iconic landmark, Stonehenge, RAG promises to make next week as exciting and explosive as ever!

From a Colour Run to a Portswood Bar Crawl, a Stock Market club night in Bedford Place to Take Me Out and Quiz and Curry, there’s truly something for everyone. If you want to get involved with volunteering and can spare just a few hours, or want to donate to our fantastic causes, watch out for us on campus or check out SUSU RAG on Facebook for updates and events. Our BIG Give Champions will be on the Concourse throughout the week to help.

Please Give Big, show everyone the power of student fundraising, and help contribute to an incredible week and what we hope will be a huge total! #GiveAPound

Max Turner

SUSU RAG Raids Officer


Thanks Max! There is an event for every day of next week and there is something for everyone so get involved! We want this to be our BIGGEST Give yet!! Watch out for Facebook events, hashtags and the buckets!

We have 23,000 students plus on our campuses. Imagine if every one of them gave just £1 next week! We could change so many lives!! Let’s do this!

RAG are still looking for Champions so get involved here, don’t forget to follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep up with the madness! It’s going to be GREAT!

See you there!
Hannah Talbot
Vice-President Engagement
Email: vpengage@susu.org
Facebook: /SotonVPEngagement
Twitter: @talbstar
Snapchat: yoursusu


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