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04 February 2016 13:53

PGRs – we want your views!

This year the Union has started a project in partnership with the University to look into the support available for and the wellbeing of Postgraduate Research students on all campuses in all subject areas. We want to talk to PGRs about the things that cause you to feel stressed, about where you go for support and about how the University/Union could improve access to non-academic support in the future.

We are looking for volunteers to take part in focus groups at all campuses in February:  NOCS on Monday 15th, Highfield on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th and at Southampton General Hospital on Tuesday 23rd.

Each focus group will include a maximum of 12 participants and will either run from 1-3pm or 5-7pm. The sessions will be led by Dr Emma Waight who recently completed her PhD at Southampton and is now working with the Doctoral College in SAA (Student and Academic Administration).

There will be information coming on where you can register your interest, but we wanted to let you know they were coming so you can plan your time with a bit of notice if you would like to participate. We will try to select a range of people to take part and if selected Emma will liaise with you directly.

The aims of the focus groups is to collect feedback so we can produce a set of recommendations for enhancing PGR pastoral support in the future.

We will also have refreshments including tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake available to fuel you through the focus group.

Please contact Emma, Research Project Officer, ( if you’d like more information and/or to receive a copy of the participant information sheet. If you cannot attend one of the groups but want to comment on PGR pastoral support we’d love to hear your thoughts via email or you can arrange to meet with Emma another time. Any experiences shared in this way and in the focus groups will be treated with the same anonymity as expected from a research project and as outlined in the participant information sheet.


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