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15 February 2016 09:53

Present your research!

Are you a final year Undergraduate?

On Friday 15th April 2016, the University of Southampton will be hosting the UKs First International Student Sustainability Research Symposium. This event will be exhibiting excellence in undergraduate research, giving you the opportunity to present your work at an International Research Symposium.

We are therefore looking for innovative undergraduate research that is within your subject area, but also related to sustainable development. Please note that sustainable development is NOT just the environment…it is so much more! For example factors of social justice, wellbeing, economic stability, ethical practices, poverty alleviation, cultural issues, politics and governance.

We are offering you the opportunity to present (10 minutes presentation or poster) your research at academic level: however you should not see this as extra work, simply the chance to share what you have learnt, discovered and already written through your research. Below are eight themes, one (or more) of which should relate to your research.

Themes: (Examples are non-prescriptive)

Arts and Humanities (Ethical Fashion, Historical Civilisation)

Business and Law (Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Enterprise)

Engineering (Low Carbon Technologies, Human Factors in Engineering)

Health Sciences (Inequalities in Health, Use of Green Spaces)

International Sustainability (International Politics, International Trade)

Science (Carbon Footprinting, Ecosystem Services)

Social Sciences (Population and Consumption, Behaviour Change)

Technology (Impact of Social Media on Society, Open Access Resources)

Who we are looking for:

Ambitious individuals with a passion for sharing their dissertation work, highlighting a clear link between their research and sustainable development.

What you will gain:

• Experience of presenting or Exhibiting your research at a Prestigious International Symposium

Great additional content for your CV that will demonstrate your communication skills to future employers and give you something distinctive to talk about at job interviews

• Networking Opportunities within the sector and further

• Showcasing and Receiving Feedback on your individual research

Further Information for how to apply can be found at this link.

Submit your application hereDeadline Friday 19th February 2016

As this event is entirely student led, there are **other opportunities** to get involved.

Join the judging committee: be part of the team peer-reviewing the presentation applications. Deadline: 12 noon Friday 19 February.

Chair a symposium session: apply for the opportunity to add to your CV that you chaired an international research symposium session. Deadline: 12 noon Friday 11 March.

Manage the event’s social media: are you social media savvy? Use and develop your skills by being part of the social media on the day of this national symposium. Deadline: 12 noon Friday 11 March.

Join the delegates: register for a free ticket to experience a national research symposium for yourself, and be inspired for your own research.

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