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07 March 2016 17:01


Many of you will be aware by now that we’ve been on a process of reviewing the brand lately. Whenever somebody calls it a ‘rebrand’, there is always a refrain of ‘it’s a brand review’ from anyone else present. Well, no longer, for I have exciting news… we’re rebranding! The survey was filled out by over 2,300 students, and while the executive summary of results is on its way (watch this space!) I thought I’d break the news to you all now that we’ve done the review and concluded that we need to rebrand.

I’m sure the cynics among you will believe that this was our plan all along, but I’d like to take a moment to assure you that creating unnecessary change, that is likely to be more inflammatory than satisfying, is not really what I’m all about.  We started with a review because of years of feedback that the brand was not strong, people did not know who we are and what we do, and now that we have quantified that we’re in a position to look at new brands.

Because of a policy passed by council last year, council will have final approval of the concepts for change (we’ll be presented with a few by the agency). We’ve seen full and proper student consultation through focus groups, surveys, and meeting with students 1:1 to discuss individual concerns  – and seen an enormous number (in Union standards) participating. Now that we’re entering the rebranding stage, a working group can be set up to discuss implementation – most likely regarding costs, decisions on phasing of rollout, and consultation on the communications plan surrounding rollout.

The rebrand will undoubtedly make waves in the short term – human beings are naturally averse to change – but I honestly believe that it goes great lengths to tackling the apathy towards the Union that stems from total misperception (and often oversight) of what we do. When students sit in the Union building, using Union services, being served by students employed by the Union, while waiting for the next meeting of their Union funded society to start, on a course they’re still on because of support they received from the Union-run Advice Centre, all the while writing a Facebook missive about how ‘The Union does literally nothing’… you can see the Union needs to have a bolder identity! (Believe me, it happens.)

The final concepts will be brought to Union Council soon, keep an eye on the website for more information and if in doubt, email me on

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  1. benfranklin
    17/05/2016 at 9:09 am Permalink

    Where can I find the executive summary of results for this survey?

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