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11 March 2016 13:02

Recorded Lectures – what now?

So now all the elections hubbub has died down, it’s time to shout about what next with recorded lectures.

I had my meeting with the Vice Chancellor and it was really positive, we talked about the need for recorded lectures and also what the potential complications are of them: what software to use, is it beneficial to learning, cost/resource implications etc.etc. It was agreed that the University should start making a move in the direction of have recorded lectures as standard, but before that could be implemented we needed to figure our what actual needs to be recorded, how should it be recorded, how long should it be stored etc.? I mean, it’s not necessarily beneficial to learning to record a discussion based seminar, or a practical lab but it might be more beneficial to record lectures where complicated processes/theories are presented. But, what was agreed is that this needs to be decided so we can move towards recording lectures. It was also agreed that recorded lectures are not a substitute for going to lectures, but an addition to complement them.

We also discussed the potential for lecture attendance to drop if we started recording lectures: from several sources I discovered that there is no proof that recorded lectures link to people not turning up to lectures. If you’re getting something out of going to lectures, then you’re still going to go whether they’re recorded or not. I’ve seen empirical evidence of this throughout my time at University: there are lectures with no resources online but a completely disengaged cohort so people just stopped turning up. I’ve also seen lectures that are recorded, have skeleton notes online and have lecture notes written specifically for the course that are full – even at 9am!

I was asked to put together a document with the research I’ve been doing from my online searches and also talking to various departments in the University (both academics and student services departments.) As I knew this would take me a couple of weeks given how busy I was at the time I though, hey, lets get some more feedback and really make sure it’s what you guys want. So, I deployed a 4 question survey to find out what you wanted: 95% of the 1400 students that filled out the survey said Yes to recorded lectures. 97% of International students who filled out the survey said yes and we had at least 62 part-time, mature students, carers and parents fill out the survey who wanted recorded lectures.

Next steps are to decide what needs to be recorded and how we’re going to do it!

Here is a link to my Recorded Lectures Report. I also submitted further research and information prepared by Academic Reps in Social Sciences and few bits of research that were given to me from a lecturer.

Since this meeting and sending over my report, I have had another part of the University get in contact with me because they want to work with me and collaborate to ensure that recorded lectures become a reality as soon as possible!


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