Shruti Verma


14 March 2016 09:19

Get it done!

Finalists – we want to hear from you. Yes, you’re probably sick of hearing about it and, yes, you’ve most likely got your dissertation due soon but if you take 5-10mins of your time now it can save you a whole lot of time over the next few weeks!

You’ve probably guessed it, but it’s that time of year where final year undergraduate students are asked to fill out the National Student Survey (NSS)! If you haven’t already filled it out, you’re most likely getting multiple phonecalls a day asking you to fill out the survey. To stop the phone calls and the emails and everyone telling you to do it…just do it! 🙂

With your feedback we can adapt things for those coming to the University and the Union in future years! Without the feedback on your experience, we won’t know what we’re doing well and what we’re not!

7th March NSS update landscape

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