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18 March 2016 11:14

PGR students – do you teach too?

The Students’ Union is conducting a survey for all Postgraduate Research Students between 18th March and 10th April, with a chance of winning one of 2 sets of £50 West Quay vouchers.

We want to find out what the real experience of our PGR students is like – whether you teach or not we’d love to know why and how you feel the processes for gaining this additional employment are.

Good or bad we want to know:

– Are you fairly paid?
– Are you getting the opportunities you need?
– Is teaching allocated fairly in your department?
– Do you feel well trained and supported?

The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete and will provide us with the information we need to best support and represent all postgraduates who teach. By helping us to identify areas of good or poor practice you can assist us in our work to ensure that all postgraduates who teach at the University are being treated fairly, equitably and well. Whether you have taught a lot, a little or not at all please share your experiences at and be assured that all responses will be treated in confidence and we will ensure that no one can be identified from the data when we put the report together.

It’s a pretty thorough survey, because we want to find out about your experience in different aspects of your PGR life when it comes to teaching. That way we can make sure that our report is detailed and representative so we can present it to the University with a set of recommendations/actions based on the findings.

If you would like more information or have questions then please contact me, Shruti, on


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