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15 April 2016 11:22

Student Media is Changing

This year we’ve been working on a review of the Student Media departments here at SUSU, so we can assess how effectively they operate now, and what we can do to make them more enjoyable and better quality for volunteers and audience members alike.

There’s never been a better year for us to take a step back and assess the media departments, with each of them celebrating a significant birthday this year, and I want to thank the cooperation of all of the volunteers involved- we’ve had some great innovative ideas which can really help shape a pioneering future for the already strong media.

Spolier alert: some of the main changes we are proposing include the introduction of a new Media Committee, and a SUSU Media Umbrella brand to unite the departments, so please read on for details and the chance to name this new brand!


Submit your ideas here

Submit your ideas here

What’s happened so far


A lot of work has gone into this project throughout the year, including

-research and discussions with other unions and student media governing bodies

-discussions with media heads


-an open focus group for media volunteers

-an open discussion at Union Council

Now we’re at a stage where we can put the findings into exciting outcomes!

What we’ve found


Throughout the process, we have been grouping our findings into 4 main areas: Volunteer Experience, Quality, Relationship with SUSU, and Skills.

When discussing with volunteers what their ideal SUSU media would look like, here’s some of the things that were said:

-Innovative and boundary pushing

-Relevant and diverse: it should shape the conversation on campus,

-Collaborative and multiplatform

-Futureproof and adapting to new technologies and media developments

-Journalistic integrity and holds the Union to Account

-Enjoyable experience for volunteers


For the full report from the focus group, please see Media Review report



3 main goals to come out of the review

  • Bring SUSU media forward to align with current trends in the media. This includes a stronger emphasis on multiplatform and digital media.

  • Foster a more joined up and collaborative approach across the media departments, so that we can present a stronger strategic, and marketing force for SUSU media.

  • Continue to keep media focused on being an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the volunteers that make it happen. This includes the social experience, as well as improving employability experience and recognising talent and dedication.

How will we achieve these goals?

Media Umbrella Brand

This will not affect the existing individual department brands, but will create a new identity that will unite and promote all of the media departments as one. If you can’t imagine how this will work, take a look at LSU media or Trident media.

The big question now will be- what should this brand be? We’re looking for an exciting new identity that can equally represent all the media departments, and represent the ideal values above to our ever expanding audience. We want suggestions for names and concepts from you! Submit your ideas here anonymously, and the media heads and I will shortlist the final three to vote on, which will be announced at the media ball!



We are proposing that we introduce a new Media Committee, comprised of the VP DCI and four media heads, with the addition of three new voluntary positions that would work to promote the overall interest of the media. These will be:

-Development officer (Responsible for training, volunteer recognition, and other development projects)

-Events officer (Responsible for social and developmental events, including the Media Ball)

-Digital Marketing officer (responsible for managing the media brand’s website and social media, and increasing the reach of the brand)


The whole point of this committee will be to make sure the media departments have a unified and strategic approach to media. They can choose what they want to focus on that year, and together they’ll have the force to get it done better than ever! Some of the responsibilities of the committee will be:


-Create the year strategy and calendar (to include training and social events, and highlight focus points for collaborative projects)

-Oversee training, volunteer feedback and recognition, and organise the media ball and awards

-Oversee the improvement of quality and skills within the media, making it more futureproof

-Hold joint media contributor meetings to get non committee members more engaged and generate great innovative content.

For more info, please see the full Media Review report

What’s next

We’ll be taking papers to C.I zone and Council, so that all the media heads can discuss the finer details of the proposal.

Please also help us pick the future media brand by entering the name competition here!

I’m also starting work on a media handbook, including contacts and expectations for working with SUSU, and helpful how to guides.

If you have any comments on the proposals, please get in touch by emailing me, or Dan Linstead (Creative Services Rep) at

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