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18 April 2016 16:43

It’s that time of year…again!

Welcome back to the first day of Summer term! We all know that means: deadlines, revision, exams, dissertation, a whole load of stress and no space in the library 🙁

BUT never fear as these top tips and links should help you out just a little bit (apologies, we can’t do the work for you):-

Need somewhere to study?

Take a look at the blog I wrote ready for the Semester 1 exam period for some ideas of where to study. If you’ve got any other ideas, please do comment them 🙂

Not sure how to study?

How about some of these ideas:-

  • Form a study group – sometimes it’s easier to motivate yourself if you’re working with other people. It’s also a great way to get help when you need it – just make sure it doesn’t turn into a social event!!
  • Mind maps – sometimes it helps to put all your thoughts down on paper and link them together, this is a great way of doing that.
  • Practice questions – for some people, it helps to answer the various questions to reinforce the information. It’s also good for getting your exam technique up to scratch
  • STEM subjects – it might help you to write out your derivations/mechanisms regularly to make sure that you can understand and remember them
  • Essay based subjects – do essay plans, ensures you revise the key information without spending all the time on the essay writing itself
  • Languages – post it note everything in the language(s) you are studying and read books/watch films that you know well in the language(s) you’re studying
  • Timed questions/essays – make sure you know how much you can complete in the allocated time

Don’t forget: there are loads of different ways to study, make sure you find the right way for you – it may be totally different to what your housemates or friends are doing!

Having problems? Are you ill?

If you are ill or have experience something that is affected your degree that is unexpected and beyond your control please refer to the Special Considerations information and visit the Advice Centre to find out what steps can be put in place to help you.

Feeling stressed?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed in this busy time (or anytime during your time at University) there are a variety of support services available for you including: Nightline and Peer Support. Find out more information here.

Need to get home safely?

If you need to get home safely after late night studying on campus, you can get the Safety Bus. It will run throughout the entire night until the end of the standard exam period to ensure that you can get home safely whenever you finish your work. For more information take a look here.

Need a break?

We will be running the next installment of our “You Are More Than…” campaign – look out for more information coming shortly!

Lastly, good luck with your deadlines and exams!

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