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22 April 2016 15:48

Student Groups Update: Here’s what you need to know…

It’s that time of year where wizened old student group committees pass the mantle on to the spritely newly elected committees. It’s a bittersweet time for the old committees as they nervously hand over their hard work, and an exciting one for the eager newbies as they face a year of potential. So, if you’ve managed to survive that awful intro, here’s what old and new committees need to know before the Summer holidays:


We are hoping to be able to open application for funding round 1 of academic year 16/17 before summer. This is so that old and new committees can share experience and work together to submit good funding applications, and so that new committees can start planning their activities earlier- meaning a smoother start to the year. The money will be transferred over summer, but please keep your eyes peeled for details and start planning what you want to apply for. There is more info and guidelines about funding here.

Money Management

Money Management is our new financial support service which allows you to manage your money accounts with SUSU. We are launching our pilot scheme imminently, so that we can test the service and make sure it’s the perfect fit for our student groups. To find out more about  the scheme, email . The benefits of joining the scheme include:

  • Easier to change signatories
  • Easier to get bank account for international students
  • Constant access to your balance
  • Simply procedures for transactions
  • Money held with a safe and trustworthy source

There’s full info here.

AGMs/Zone conferences

These will take place on the 13th May, and it’s vital that a rep from your new committee attends. Two important things will happen here:

-We’ll tell you everything you need to know about being a student group, including how to apply for funding and how to join Money Management. We’ll also be handing out handy ‘How-To packs’ to help you throughout the year

-You’ll get to vote on who should be the Student Groups Representative for your Zone. This person will sit on Student Groups Committee and represent your zone on issues such as space and funding allocation. Anyone can run for this, and its a great opportunity to get your groups’ views heard.



Handovers are absolutely vital for making sure your next committee gets a running start to their year and carry on your hard work.

It can be hard to just conjure up everything you’ve learnt this year and quickly present it to your successor, so there’s a full guide to handovers here, including some checklists to make sure you cover everything.

My handover top tips are:

  • Ensure you get your old committee to give you access to the groups virtual hub so you can start managing it
  • Include important details and information, ‘business as usual’/activities for the year
  • Share what you’ve learnt throughout the year like the wise old sage you are: what have you started that you couldn’t finish? What do you with your predecessor told you? What would you do differently if you could turn back time?
  • Pass on helpful leadership/general organisational advice as well as the practical details about your society- e.g. you might want to advise they make a Google doc calendar with assigned actions for committee members
  • Change your bank account signatories!!!!

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