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22 April 2016 16:06

Thinking about PGT study?

As you may remember from government’s Autumn Budget and my blog from November, loans are going to be available for those starting a Postgraduate degree that’s taught. So, if you’re considering taking on a Masters degree here’s some information that might be of some help. We thought it’d be best to put all the information you need in one place for convenience 🙂

According to the Government website, those eligible for loans are:

  • ages under 60
  • ordinarily live in England
  • don’t already have a master’s degree or higher qualification

It won’t depend on personal or family income and you’ll be able apply from summer 2016.

There’s a whole load more information found on The Student Room website, including information for those considering Part Time and Full Time study. There’s also information about repayment including how to do it, how much you’ll be expected to pay and information on interest.

For in depth guides about the new loads you can register to download the information here for FREE. Or if you’d rather watch some videos to outline the information, you can do so here.

Good luck with your applications!

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