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25 April 2016 16:27

Global Athletes Project Launch

rainbow lacesThis week marked the launch of the brand new Global Athletes Project, an exciting new scheme for sports clubs at the University.  This is a trial of the project before we join the nationwide competition that will take place over
the next academic year.

The project poses a series of challenges designed to allow teams to demonstrate good governance as well as encourage them to consider their wider environmental and social impacts.  Different challenges have different point values, and the team with the most points at the end of the project wins as much as £250 for the club.

10 teams have so far signed up to this programme, and are ready to battle it out to be crowned the champions!

The teams (so far) are:

Southampton Quidditch Club
Southampton University Ladies Lacrosse Club
Southampton University Ladies Cricket Club
Southampton University Boat Club
Southampton University Netball Club
Southampton University Trampoline Club
Southampton Table Tennis Club
Southampton University Touch Rugby Club
Southampton University Womens Rugby Football Club
Wessex Sailing Club


There is still time to get involved – just Sign up!

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with how the teams are doing!

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