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09 May 2016 17:05

Media Ball- The Winners!

Last week we celebrated the media ball, where we recognised the amazing talent and dedication our media contributors have given to their departments this year.


This year we had 361 nominations, a record breaking amount, and had 24 independent industry professionals and Southampton alumni to judge them, who were all very impressed with the quality and innovation here at Southampton.


The night went brilliantly (despite a few technical hiccups), so I want to thank all of the media ball committee- especially Lauren Baugh and Rebecca James- for working their socks off to make the event so amazing. We do always like to improve however, so if you attended, please fill out this short feedback form.


Finally, with only 12 awards available, it’s impossible to recognise the hundreds of volunteers who have given their time, effort, and skill to media this year; so whether you won an award or not, rest assured that the judges appreciated the quality and extremely high level of competition, and give yourselves a well earned pat on the back!


And now the real finally, before I list the winners, it would be remiss of me not to mention the work this year to review and improve student media. The proposed changes are in this blog, so please have a look, have a think, and speak to your department head so they can feed it back to me at our final consultation meeting before approving the changes.





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