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09 May 2016 15:41

Proposed Industrial Action

Today it has been announced that the University and College Union (UCU) has planned to strike on 25th and 26th May, this is a national decision. This strike is planned over the University exam period, though Universities will inevitably do their best to ensure minimal disruption to exams – I am in contact with the University to ensure that there are measures put in place so as not to affect your studies.

The walk-out will involve academics, such as lecturers and researchers, but would also include university employees such as librarians. This is related to the ongoing issues regarding pay of the members of staff. They are set to receive a real time loss in wage of 14.5% over the past six years if the current pay rate continues. The members of staff were offered a 1.1% increase in pay this year which is less that inflation.

You can find more information in this BBC News article and in the Times Higher Education article.

As per the Students’ Union policy the Education Zone Committee will discuss the issue and decide an interim stance (whether we are going to support the action or not and what the practical applications of that stance are) on the action until Union Council sits on 6th June. The Education Zone Committee is on Thursday 12th May at 1600 in The Boardroom (Level 2, SUSU Building). Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting to share their views, but only members will be allowed to vote.

If you have any thoughts or concerns please do email me ( or Facebook me.

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