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11 May 2016 10:53

Property Vibe: Important Information

Property Vibe Ltd have been expelled from The Property Ombudsman scheme, the UK’s largest property redress scheme, for a minimum period of three years. The Flat Agency & Michael Brown Ltd were also expelled, following complaints from local landlords and tenants.

Property redress schemes provide independent conflict resolution between tenants, landlords and letting agencies and members are obliged to follow certain codes of practice. Neither company will be legally able to trade as a letting agent without being registered and landlords or tenants using the agencies will not be entitled to have their dispute reviewed by the independent ombudsman.

More information is available here.

If you’re with Property Vibe and want to know what your options are, or have any other housing issues or questions you can book an appointment with a trained adviser at The Advice Centre, or pop along to the drop in every Wednesday.


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