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12 May 2016 17:31

Summer Elections: The Results

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Summer Elections!


Chair of Senate (Changed from Chair of Council as per the Democratic Reform proposal at the AGM)

Benjamin Franklin wins the election with 247 votes, compared to 108 for Matthew Cowley.

Medsoc Vice-President Academic

Hoda Amar wins the election with 153 votes.

NOC Site Officer

There was actually a tie for this position with 18 votes, so the winner was randomly selected. Yasmin Yu wins the election.

Nightline Officer

Tirzah Thompson wins the election with 241 votes.

Sports Participation Officer 

This was a very close elections with four candidates, but the winner was Olivia Owen with 231 votes.

Student Enterprise Officer 

Serban Beraziu wins this election with 223 votes.

Student Trustee

There were two positions available, and six candidates. The two people who were successfully elected were Rebecca James and Liibaan Mohamed with 96 and 107 votes respectively.

Wellbeing Officer 

Shreya Vasu was elected for this position, with just three votes higher than the next highest candidate, at 138 votes.


Academic President Winners

Aeronautic and Astronautics- Cassie Phillips

Archaeology – Petra Jones

Biological Sciences- Abbie Elizabeth Radford

Business- Sumaiya Hameed

Chemistry- Ali Laham

Economics- Mohsen Dehghan Nayyei

Education- Thomas Fahey

English- Olivia Krauze

Environmental Science-Amy Paraskeva

Film-Philippa Short

Geography- Matt Evans

Gerontology- Sarawan Pensook

History-Madeleine Ell

Law- Tom Davies

Maths-Aparna Achankulangara

Mechanical Engineering- George Anderson


Modern Languages- Kirby Moore

Music- Kitty O’Neal

Natural Sciences- Adam Tod

Nursing- Rebecca Thomsen

Occupational Therapy- Elizabeth Heron

Ocean and Earth Sciences- Jonathon Hendry

Philosophy- Bruno Russell

Physics and Astronomy- Imogen Bird

Physiotherapy- Sophie Burton

Podiatry- Alix Beesley

Politics and International Relations- Jonathon Kirman

Ship Science- Alessandro Romano

Social Sciences- Elizabeth Thomas

Social Statistics and Demography- Grace Davis

Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology- Mihaela Gherda


Course Rep Position Winners



BM (EU) Medicine Year 3- Annie Meierkord

BM5 (EU) Medicine Year 3- Anna Halstead and Danielle Hart


English Year 2- Nicole Kalinowska, Eleanor Brain

English Year 3- Francesca Carasco

History Year 3- Louis Jeffries and Steven Valentine

Law Year 2- Mark Kiggundu and Jess-Aria Nown

Law Year 3- Arun Aggarwal and Minh Nguyen

Occupational Therapy Year 3- Abbie Gallant



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