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12 May 2016 16:16

The EU Referendum: where will you be on the 23rd of June?

Where will you be on the 23rd of June? On holiday? Working? Sleeping?

What if I told you you could have a serious impact on your country’s current international status? Would that make your standard Thursday a tiny bit more intriguing?

Well the good news is, you can!


At Union Council on Monday 14th March your Students’ Union passed the stance to support the stronger in Europe campaign. This means that we actively stand for the pro EU vote; however we will give the space to any student wanting to run a leave campaign.

Why do we believe you should vote remain?

  • Research funding
    The European Union currently makes up around 15% of post-graduate research funding. Vice-President of Education Shruti has written more about it for the Huffington Post!
  • Diversity on campus
    A significant proportion of our own students are from the EU. If the UK were to opt to leave, these students would then be obligated to pay international fees which would definitely see a decrease in numbers and connections.
  • Freedom of movement: travel
    If you hold a British passport, you are currently eligible to cross most European borders without applying for VISAs or any extra paperwork. The same goes for jobs – aside from some of the lengthy processes required in French institutions. As an EU member you are currently much more likely to be shortlisted for a job than someone else from outside it.
  • Erasmus & placements abroad
    So this links in nicely with the semester/year abroad schemes available to a wide variety of courses at UoS. Erasmus is a European funded company that provides grants to those who wish to study and work abroad as part of their degree.
    Leaving the EU could mean potential disconnection from these opportunities. This could prove detrimental to many as the UCML and British Academy recognise the Year Abroad as a significant tool for higher chances of employability.
  • Human Rights: this video with Patrick Stewart is all the information you need – for now.
  • Trade: Obama alone has stated that if we were to leave, it could take us up to ten years to strike up new trade deals, and the UK is not a priority on their list…


What is your Students’ Union doing?

  • We have been at Avenue, Winchester and SGH as well as Highfield asking you your opinions and views and it has been super interesting! I will be typing these into a blog next week.
  • Tomorrow we have a Views On Europe panel in the Cube! There will be speakers from both sides and you can join the discussion.
  • We can now also reveal that as part of a national tour *the* Eddie Izzard will be giving a talk on the benefits of staying in the EU at Switch on May 25th!


There is SO much more to be said on the topic however the biggest thing is that students VOTE. Not enough young adults vote and it is more vital than ever that we do!

Someone said to me the other day that some young adults are afraid to speak about the situation out of fear of what it could do to their relationships with their families, friends and others, however this should not mean that their voice is squashed!

Get clued in and make sure you register to vote in this referendum before the 7th of June!

Can’t wait to see you in the discussion! 😀

Hannah Talbot
Vice-President Engagement
Email: vpengage@susu.org
Facebook: /SotonVPEngagement
Twitter: @HanMeetsWorld
Snapchat: yoursusu

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