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10 June 2016 10:32

DLHE: Share Your Success When You Leave

The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey happens each year, asking recent graduates what they’re up to – whether it’s employment, further study, travelling or looking for a job. Here are a few reasons why you should fill it out!

It helps you…

A successful graduate.

A successful graduate.

By looking at the information provided by the DLHE, the University can develop careers advice for graduates throughout your life, making sure you make the most of your time at the University of Southampton. It’s also really useful to look at where past graduates have got to and the types of careers you could use your degree and experience to get into. Check out the past DLHE data for your subject area to see what you could end up doing, or just to be nosy.

It helps future graduates…

Prospective careers count a lot when choosing which University to go to or what course to study, so filling in the DLHE survey really helps future students to get a better idea of what their degree could do for the. It can also help next years’ graduates who are looking for ideas of the things they’d like to get into, especially career paths they hadn’t considered before.

It helps the Uni…

The latest DLHE statistics (2014) show that 94% of Southampton graduates are either employed or embarking on further study, with 61% of those with an undergraduate degree in full-time employment with an average starting salary of £23,000. This contributes to the university league tables that are published throughout the year, helping the Uni attract new students and investment in research as well as making your degree look even better in future! It’s firm proof of how University helps graduates be successful in their lives and some of the specific things that helped them, but also points out areas that could be improved.

You get to talk about your success…

The first few months after you graduate can fly by (trust me!), so it’s pretty nice to have an opportunity to sit back and think about the things you’ve been up to since then. It’s also a good opportunity to give your CV and LinkedIn a spring clean, update them with your achievements at University and your first steps into the workplace. The Careers Service have lots of useful resources on their website.

If you are graduating this summer, ensure that you leave up to date contact details with the University. This can be done via ‘My student record (Banner Self Service)’ on SUSSED. The DLHE survey for 2016 graduates will take place between November 2016 and March 2017. If you’re in employment you’ll be asked to describe your role and the kind of company you work for, as well as how much you’re paid

The survey itself takes less than 15 minutes to complete, and there are four £50 Amazon gift vouchers up for grabs!

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