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30 June 2016 10:07

That’s all from us!

So, this is the last Sabb blog I’m going to be doing…EVER! Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of a stream of information I’ve been pumping out. This is going to be a bit of what I’ve done over the year and a general goodbye. I’m really good at goodbyes and I have successfully resisted the urge to copy and paste Kerry’s last blog and ‘find and replace’ democracy for education..

So..what have I done this year?

This is a copy of my Sabb Plan with most things I’ve done this year…we mark our progress on a scale of 0-3…as you can see, all of mine are a 3 (i.e. completed) except two milestones: Recorded Lecturers and Online Submission. It’s not that I haven’t been working on them, but I just didn’t get as far as I would have liked – these haven’t been handed over to my successor in much much detail!


I feel like I’ve achieved so much this year, as can be seen by my Sabb Plan above. Not to mention the things I’ve worked on that haven’t been mentioned in the plan: issues that needed to be resolved with mature student experience, part time student experience, graduation and so much more. But, I wouldn’t be being honest with you if I claimed all the credit..I could not have done this without the committed Academic Rep team that I’ve worked with over the year – they’ve helped with feedback, improving student experience, answering my hundreds of questions and pulling me back down to reality. I also need to thank all the members of staff that have helped me achieve everything I wanted and more – this Union really wouldn’t be able to do so much without them. The final group I really need to thank are my fellow Sabbs – we haven’t always got along but we’ve stuck together and found our way through. It’s not that any of us areĀ a ‘clique’, we’ve just ended up as really good friends because we’ve seen each other nearly every day for a year (or more for some of us!)

It’s definitely been a year that I’m never going to forget – there have been some tremendous highs, with a few points of difficulty in between. It really is a ‘job like no other’ and there is so much I’ve learned over the year that will help me in life – if anything, the times I’ve struggled the most have been the most helpful! (Silver lining and all that…)

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