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23 September 2016 09:05

New Intramural Membership System

Hi everybody!

I hope you are all excited for freshers and starting up this next year at the University of Southampton.

Big sports news for you today! We are delighted to announce news that many students have been asking about for a while now.

Intramural members no longer have to pay Sport and Wellbeing/gym membership to play. Instead they will have to pay a £30 fee to the Union for admin and facility hire costs. This will save you £135 per student to play intramural.


How can I get involved?

Whether you are part of a halls (or even private rented), part of an academic department, sub-group of another society or just a group of friends wanting to play sport, you can find an intra-mural team to suit you! If you are in halls then look out for your Halls Committee Sports Officer, likewise if you are in an academic society look for their society Sports Officer, and they will point you towards signing up to a team.

How do I pay?

Registrations are done through the Union Southampton Box Office. It will be £30 per player registration to play an Intramural sport. Make sure you check your confirmation email to register your personal/team details.

Halls teams will also have to pay the £30 per person.


When can I sign up?

Anytime between Monday 26th September till Tuesday 4th October.


Will I need Sport and Wellbeing membership in order to play?

No, intramural teams will instead be paying £30 per person to cover administrative and facilities hire costs.

This will save students £135 each.


What sports can I play at intra-mural level?





Football Wednesday

Football Weekend




Who to speak to with any questions or queries? – For any general queries or questions on fixtures and leagues. – To speak to the Vice President Sports Development – To be updated on weekly fixtures, events and cancelations.


When do fixtures begin?

Starting the weekend of the 15th October.



I hope all this helps!

Any questions let us know.


Hope you all have a great year,


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