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03 October 2016 18:00

Your opportunity to get involved this autumn

Hi everybody,

As you may be aware the autumn elections nominations are now open! We’ve got a huge range of positions available for you including Community and Volunteer Officer, Postgraduate (Taught) Officer, Senators, and Zone Open Places. We’ve also got a range of academic representative positions up for nomination including Faculty Officers, Academic Presidents, and Course Reps. These are all great opportunities to represent students, to gain some new skills, and to develop your employability.elections_coursereps_facebookpost

To find out more about any of these particular roles, head to

Nominations are open now until 21 October and voting will then take place from 26 October to 28 October. For now, get nominating!

Alongside the elections, as part of our new democratic structure, we are running a series of All Student Votes in order to gain your input on a variety of issues. These votes will be open from the 17 October at 12:00 to 18 October at 16:00.

Firstly, we’re running two votes on the Union’s brand, which were called for via petition last academic year. We’ll be asking:

  • Do you prefer the name SUSU or Union Southampton (Us.)?
  • Do you prefer the old SUSU branding or the new Us. Branding?

Alex, Union President, says: “As an organisation led by students for students, we believe that you have the right to set the direction of the Union. This vote is a great opportunity to shape the way the Union looks and feels. Take this opportunity to have your voice heard!”.

Tuition fees have been in the news a lot lately, and we have decided to ask another question that relates to fees and how this has impacted your decision to go to University. The question is –

  • Following the introduction of the £9,000+ fees, do you consider yourself to be at University primarily to learn or to attain a qualification?
    • To learn
    • To attain a qualification

Elliot, Vice-President Education, explains: “Since the introduction of fees the question has been repeatedly asked; is the primary function of a university to provide a qualification, and therefore contribute to how employable a student is, or is it to act as a centre of research and learning? We’re asking for your opinion on this issue, and will use the results when we consider campaigns and projects on issues, including tuition fees.”.

We’re also giving you the opportunity to answer a ‘preferendum’ question too, allowing you to have a direct say over what campaign you think is most important for you this year.

  • The Union is running these four campaigns this year, which one is most important to you?
    • Campaign for student housing quality
    • Campaign for fair tuition fees
    • Campaign for sexual consent awareness
    • Campaign for mental health and wellbeing

elections_zonesopenplaces_shopscreen_democracyVice-President Welfare, David, has said “We want to make sure that your Union is focused on issues you consider to be the most relevant in your lives. Answering this question will show us which of our campaigns you feel will make the biggest difference to you this year.”.

As some people may be interested in forming campaign teams, we’ll be holding an All Student Vote briefing next Monday at 6pm in the Board Room (Level 2, Building 42).

If you find that the issues behind any of these questions are particularly important to you – be it about the direction of the Union, the state of higher education or about mental health – then I would encourage you to run for a Senate or Zone Open Place position. You can find out more, and nominate yourself, at!

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