Cameron Meldrum


17 October 2016 11:34

Arts Ambassadors are coming to Southampton!

This year we are working with the University on an exciting initiative for anyone interested in the Arts and Creative Industries. ‘Arts Ambassadors’ is a scheme launching in November that will consist of a team of students who will deliver, promote, and champion all of the arts that the Union and the University has to offer. I personally think this is a huge opportunity for anyone with an pure-dance-1interest in the arts, especially those involved in our Creative Industries and Performing Arts societies!


There will also be opportunities to work with the Nuffield Theatre, John Hansard Gallery, and Turner Sims Concert Hall; all of which are situated on Highfield Campus. This upcoming year is a particularly exciting time to get involved, with British Art Show 8 taking place in Southampton until January 2017, and a new arts complex – Studio 144 – opening in Spring 2017.


Arts Ambassadors will also be able to represent students’ perspectives within the arts, and showcase the student-run opportunities and productions that go on within the Union’s many creative groups to the wider world!


All you need to be is a current student at the University of Southampton and have a passion for arts and creative industries. You can find out more by checking out the job description here. Applications close on Friday 4th November – good luck!

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