Cameron Meldrum


25 November 2016 16:39

The Big Student Groups Survey

Brass Band Bunfight 2016This year we are carrying out a big review of how we support student groups here at the Union. As part of that we are carrying out the first of what will be an annual Student Groups survey, and because it’s the first one I’ve decided to name it the Big Student Groups Survey (although it guarantee won’t take too much time!). If you’re part of a student group – be it from Sustainability, Creative Industries or External Engagement – we’d encourage you to fill out the survey which looks at what services you access and how you feel towards the Union! The information we get back will be used to inform future levels of support and will be compared annually so we can keep track and make necessary improvements. The more people that fill it in, the better the feedback we’ll get, and the better improvements we can make!

The survey can be done completely anonymously, but if you decide to include your name then you will be put forward for a prize draw to win a £50 West Quay voucher!

The deadline to fill in the survey is Friday 2nd December at 09:00, so make sure you complete it before its too late! Click here to fill in the survey.

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