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30 November 2016 11:04

All Student Vote update – Branding…

Hey everyone!

First of all I must apologise for the length of time it has taken to provide an official update on the outcome of the All Student Vote questions on the Branding. In the 4 weeks after the vote we were busy working on a proposal to take to Trustee Board on how to give effect to the will of the student body, which the Board passed on 15th November. Since then we have been finalising the details of this plan and getting everything ready.

So… as a reminder… the results of the vote on the branding questions were as follows:

Do you prefer the name SUSU or Union Southampton (Us.)?

Votes Cast: 4735

  • SUSU received 3328 votes (70%)
  • Union Southampton (Us.) received 1407 votes (30%)

Do you prefer the old SUSU branding or the new Us. branding?

Votes Cast: 4711

  • Old SUSU branding received 2154 votes (46%)
  • New Us. branding received 2557 votes (54%)

So without any further delay, here it is… THE PLAN!


I should note at this point that our official name is “University of Southampton Students’ Union”. This never actually changed as part of the rebranding process. What changed was what we refer to ourselves as: from SUSU to Union Southampton. The outcome of the vote essentially requires us to reverse this change, and integrate SUSU into the new branding scheme. The challenging part is working out what that looks like in terms of a logo.

This is where we need to get a flavour for what students think. This Union is all about students, so we want students to inspire the designs for the new logo. To that effect we have created a form so that you can submit your views, thoughts, and ideas, which will then be used to inspire our in-house designers when they start getting creative!

Further to this, the final decision on the logo will be down to the student body to decide, via a physical and online voting version of Tap Choose Change in the first week of May. The power will be in YOUR hands!

On looking at the above timescale, I can imagine that you are possibly thinking “Why is it taking so long??”…

This is because we want to make absolutely sure that the new logo (whatever it may be) is the one that you want. We are committed to ensuring that this process is as robust and as smooth as possible, which means taking time to meticulously plan everything out. From the communications side of it right through to the logistics, we are determined not to leave any stone unturned.

So how much is all this going to cost?

Well the good news is that all the design work will be done in-house. Our own design staff will be using the thoughts that you give us via the form linked above to create the new logo.

The money will be spent when it comes to implementing that new logo across the Union. As previously stated, in the budget for the 2016/17 academic year, £20,000 was set aside as part of a contingency fund for a branding change scenario. Further to that, when the budget for the 2017/18 academic year is set, we will be asking the Trustees to approve a further £10,000 to be spent out of this budget.

There will also be some business as usual expenditure: this is stuff that we buy every year new, such as officer clothing and Freshers’ merchandise (pens etc). This comes out of other budgets, but is referenced below for completeness.

To give a bit of a breakdown…


Get involved!

The most important part of this process is that students get involved. Please do make sure you put forward your thoughts and ideas into the form, so that our designers can get a real flavour for what you want and what you see to be the future of the Union.

I look forward to reading your thoughts!

All the best

Alex Hovden – Union President 

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3 Comments on "All Student Vote update – Branding…"

  1. alexhovden
    Oliver Studd
    30/11/2016 at 1:55 pm Permalink

    Yes I ask why it’s taking so long, (especially a task as menial as this) don’t require 1 month to plan, 1 month to cut the numbers, and 2 bloody months “get warmer”. You are absolute morons wasting money. Perhaps speak to admissions if you want advice on how to cut down numbers within days, for planning speak to any student with project management skills (as you guys are clearly lacking them), to get warmer stick it in a microwave.

    Absolute idiots.

    Kind regards,

    Oliver Studd

  2. alexhovden
    Alex Hovden
    30/11/2016 at 8:42 pm Permalink

    Hi Oliver,
    Really sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with the process that we are following. However we are committed to ensuring that the outcome of this is one that works for the majority, and we believe that taking time over it is the best approach. The Trustees (including elected students) agreed with this in order to avoid making the same mistakes and to give plenty of opportunities for students to be consulted.

    If you would like to discuss this with me then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via email:, and we can set up a meeting.

    Many thanks
    Alex Hovden – Union President

  3. alexhovden
    26/12/2016 at 8:14 pm Permalink

    So after the debacle last year with the overpriced and underperforming external consultants who delivered a logo and corporate ID that 70% rejected in a vote that we forced you to hold I feel it is our duty as members to ask the following. Are there any plans to recoup some of those costs from the contractor who failed to meet their obligations? If not why? And this need to be answered publicly! This entire process has been an enormous waste of precious time and resources that are deeded to support vulnerable students.

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