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30 November 2016 17:09

Are you ready for the Spring Elections?

I know it’s only November, but it’s time to get prepared for the upcoming set of elections; these are the big ones – the Spring Elections! For those of you who don’t know, the Spring Elections are when students get to vote in the next Full-Time Officers – who will lead the Union the following year –  and a load of part-time officers who work with them, called Student Leaders. There are seven Full-Time Officer positions available, all of which are paid over £20,000, and over 30 Student Leader positions that cover the whole range of things that the Union does.

With that in mind, we’ve changed a few things for this year’s Spring Elections period. Here’s a quick breakdown as to what’s changed:

  • Nominations are now going to be open for longer, opening on Monday 30th January 2017, and closing on Thursday 16th February giving you more time to get ready!
  • There will now be a formal ‘Media Week’ after candidates are announced and before campaigning will start. spring-elections-times-2016-17This will be the time where the Spring Elections site will go live, with manifestos being able to viewed by all. Union media outlets such as Wessex Scene and Surge will be allowed to report on the candidates and their main points. This will run from Friday 17th February until Wednesday 22nd February.
  • I’m delighted to announce the campaigning period will be shorter! Campaigning will now be one-and-a-half weeks long, from Wednesday 22nd February until the close of voting on Friday 3rd March. The voting period will stay the same at five days: Monday 27th February until Friday 3rd March.
  • The Debates and the Elections Q&A have been dropped, and will be replaced with just one event. The name is still to be fully decided, however it will be similar to that of the BBC’s Question Time. The idea is that Full-Time Officer candidates and students will only have to focus on one big event, as opposed to two smaller ones.

We’re still working on how we can make these elections better than ever, and I’d like to invite you to come along to the next Elections Project meeting. We’re especially keen to get students who have had limited involvement with the Union before –  so, if you consider yourself un-involved in the Union and have somehow found this blog, we want you!

If you’re at all interested, the next Elections Project meeting is on Wednesday 7th December at 11:00 in the Boardroom, Level 2, Building 42, Highfield Campus. If you’d like any more information, just drop me an email at and I’d be more than happy to help you out!

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