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23 January 2017 11:37

Running in the Spring Elections? Here’s what you need to know

As we head into the second week of exams, now’s around the time that those of you who are thinking of running in this year’s Spring Elections are going to start getting your ideas together, forming campaign teams, and drafting manifestos. It’s also around the time last year that, after two whole weeks living in Hartley Library, I was finding anything and everything to do other than revision!

So, if you think you’re going to run in the Elections, take a five-minute break and read my enthralling blog post!

This year’s Spring Elections kick off on Monday 30th January at midday where nominations will be officially open until Thursday 16th February at 13:00. This is your window to submit your manifesto. Importantly, this year we are instigating a word limit on manifestos in order to make them more engaging to a wider audience of students.

If you are running for a Full-Time Officer (Sabbatical) position, there is now a cap of 1,000 words for your manifesto; if you’re running for a Student Leader or Student Trustee, you’ll be capped at 500. This does not include your 5 key points you get to include at the beginning of your manifesto.

Make sure you make your manifesto as engaging and eye-catching as possible, as your manifesto doesn’t have to just include text – you can also include pictures and video! There will be more opportunities to expand on your manifesto points too, such as the Questions system on the Union website, the Meet the Candidates event (more on that in a bit!), and on your own Social Media pages.

A bunch of tired people during Elections 2016

Make sure you are free on Friday 17th February, as this will be the date for the Candidates Briefing taking place at midday. If you decide to run for a position it is essential you’re there so you can get all the information you need. If you can’t make it, you need to let know closer to the time.

New for this year is ‘Media Week’ then starts at 17:00 on Friday 17th until Wednesday 22nd February. This will be the opportunity for the Union Media outlets to interview you. This is also your opportunity to get ready for
campaigning which starts on the 22nd. Also new this year is Meet the Candidates which is a combination of the Debates and Question & Answers of previous years. These will take place over two evenings: Monday 27th February & Tuesday 28th February.

Voting is open from Monday 27th February and closes Friday 3rd March at 16:00. Elections Night Live kicks off at 20:00 on the Friday, so make sure you’re around for that as it’s sure to be a huge night!

Don’t forget – you can still let us know who you’d think would be good in one of our roles at where you can also find out more!

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