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09 March 2017 16:18

Joint-Honours Forum

Last month we hosted a Forum for Joint-Honours Students in the Cube, giving students’ a chance to raise issues and suggestions to a panel comprising University and Union staff.

The forum was a really good event, with a lot of conversation bouncing back and forth between the panel and audience, and as a group we managed to highlight a lot of the problems that students studying Joint-Honours degrees might have faced.

After the event we took away the suggestions, as well as any raised before the event, and sat down to work on how we would start to tackle some of these issues. We’ve compiled the actions and answers in one easy to access document here┬áso you can find out the panels responses and what the next steps are!

As always, if you have any other suggestions, or couldn’t make the forum, please get in touch with me at vpeducation@unionsouthampton.org and I’ll do what I can!


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