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03 May 2017 13:29

Sports Zone Induction 2017

Sports Zone Induction 2017

Team Southampton

On Wednesday 10th May, the Sports Zone Conference will be taking place in Building 42, Students Union – Cube, with registration from 12:30pm in Bar 2. With the event beginning at 1pm.

Here we will be giving the new club committees some essential information about the running of their clubs (how to apply for funding and block bookings etc) and electing people into the roles on Athletic Union Committee and Sports Participation Committee.  It is therefore essential that 2 members of each club attend.

Please express your interest in roles by emailing If you do not manage to do this before the day, there will still be opportunity to stand for a position at the meetings. You will be expected to do a speech of no more than two minutes at the meeting.  If you are unable to attend, but would still like to run, please email with a speech that will be read out on your behalf.

As someone that has sat on Sports Zone committees for 3 years, I cannot recommend it enough. Please join this Facebook event:

If you wish to speak to anyone about the roles/their experience, you can do so by messaging any of the four student leaders – Myself, Jack Harvey, Olivia Owen, or Deanna Rex.

Below is a small description of each of the roles:

Athletic Union Committee:

The Athletic Union Committee’s role is to provide a way for clubs to raise issues or voice opinions, provide Athletic Union events that take place throughout the year and ensure that the clubs are supported.

The roles are:

Athletic Union Secretary – Work with the AU Officer to help organise meetings, take minutes and help the committee to update clubs with decisions through social media

Club Development Officer – responsible for events related to developing clubs and AU members, take a lead on organising the Focus Sport Programme, and help clubs achieve any objectives that may be set out in a development plan

Varsity and Alumni Day Officer – responsible for organising Varsity and Alumni Day

Tours Officer – take the lead on organising the AU tour with Sportsvest.

Media and Promotions Officers (x2) – between the two officers, they will be responsible for working with the Union media departments, organise marketing to promote the AU and update the Social Media pages.

Socials Officer – Responsible for organising any AU nights out (Varsity afterparty, AU Wednesdays etc.) and helping individual clubs with fundraisers

Representatives – There are eight different representatives covering different areas within the AU who feedback any issues from their respective groups and feedback any actions that the committee have taken.

  • Outdoor Team Sports Representative (x2)
  • Extreme Water Sports Representative
  • Extreme Sports Representative 
  • Water Sports Representative
  • Indoor Individual Sports Representative
  • Indoor Team Sports Representative
  • Outdoor Individual Sports Representative
  • Martial Arts Representative


Sports Participation Committee

The Sports Participation Committee’s aim it to increase participation in sport by those who do not currently participate, especially those from backgrounds with a historically low level of participation.  It also represents students participating in sport who sit outside the AU or Intramural programme (i.e. recreational users).

The positions are:

SPC Media Officer – an officer to support and help promote the work of the Sports Participation Committee on social media

Campaigns Officer – an officer responsible for helping run campaigns within sport, such as Women in Sport Week, LGBT+ in Sport, Mental Health in Sport etc

Recreational Sport Officer – an officer who looks after the interest of those in recreational sport and helps cheap and easy access to fitness options

rainbow lacesWomen in Sport Officer – represent the views of women and work to improve the opportunities for women within the AU

Disability Sports Officer – represent the views of disabled students and work to improve the opportunities for disabled students within the AU

BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Sports Officer – represent the views of BME students and work to improve the opportunities for BME students within the AU


LGBT* Sports Officer – represent the views of LGBT* students and work to improve the opportunities for LGBT* students within the AU


Intramural Committee will be elected in the first few weeks after the Summer Holidays, so if interested in any of the roles on there, keep an eye on the Team Southampton Intramural Facebook page.

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