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09 May 2017 09:58

A busy week in CI: Media Ball Awards, Performing Arts AGM, and more!

Last week saw was a busy one for all things Creative Industries at the Union, with the annual Media Ball and their awards being held on Monday, Performing Arts electing their committee for next year at their AGM on Wednesday, and the Creative Industries Induction on Friday where we gave CI societies the essential information they’ll need for next year. This blog is pretty long, so hold on tight as I run through everything!

For those of you who haven’t seen me recently, the below photos of me feature me with a beard.


Media Ball Awards

First things first, here’s a run-down of all the winners of this year’s Media Ball Awards, where all the awards were judged by various alumni and industry experts.

Best News Coverage

Highly Commended: Alice Hearing for her article ‘University Plan Huge Hike in Fees for Sports Teams’

Winner: Toby Leveson for his interview with the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Christopher Snowden

Best Interview

Highly Commended: Xavier Voigt-Hill for his interview with Honne

Winner: Toby Leveson for his interview with the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Christopher Snowden

Best Review

Highly Commended: Sophie Trenear for her Raindance Film Festival review of Anti-matter

Winner: Ashleigh Millman for her Sydney Film Festival review of Swiss Army Man

Best Feature

Highly Commended: Dave Williams, Kate Briggs-Price, and Amy Haycock for their documentary Undercurrent: Sexual Consent Awareness

Winner: Toby Leveson, Georgia Rytina, and Theatre Group for their satirical radio play The Union

Best Behind-the-Scenes Contribution

Highly Commended: Wessex Scene’s Nuala McBride

Winner: The Edge and Surge Radio’s Xavier Voigt-Hill

Best Design

Highly Commended: Dave Williams for his work on the SUSUtv re-brand

Winner: Mackenzie Brown & Beth Garrett for their spread ‘Social Media is Making us Miserable’

Best Publicity

Highly Commended: Surge Radio for their Jailbreak coverage publicity

Winner: Surge Radio for their 48-hour Marathon publicity

Best Event

Highly Commended: Surge Radio for their 48-hour Marathon

Winner: The Edge and Wessex Films for the University of Southampton Film Festival

Best Collaboration

Highly Commended: Wessex Scene and Surge Radio for their US Elections coverage and event in The Stag’s

Winner: SUSUtv and Union Southampton Dance for their Southampton Dance Competition coverage

Newcomer of the Year

Highly Commended: Ben McQuigg

Winner: Tara Granea

Innovation Award

Highly Commended: Kieran Hyland for the Wessex Scene website’s speciality tab

Winner: Wessex Scene’s Study Abroad issue

Outstanding Contribution to Surge Radio

Highly Commended: Polly Marquis, Programme Controller

Winner: Georgia Rytina, Assistant Station Manager

Outstanding Contribution to Wessex Scene

Highly Commended: Nuala McBride, Deputy Editor

Winner: Mackenzie Brown, Head of Design

Outstanding Contribution to The Edge

Highly Commended: Octavia Woodward, Head of Events

Winner: Liana Dent, Head of Design

Outstanding Contribution to SUSUtv

Highly Commended: Ben McQuigg, Performing Arts Exec

Winner: Tara Granea, Head of Publicity

Best Department

Winner: Surge Radio

Huge congratulations to all the winners, highly commended awardees, and to everyone who was nominated. It was a great night, and it was a pleasure to co-host it and chuck in a few awful jokes! This year has been another fantastic year in media and I couldn’t be prouder! 🙂


Performing Arts AGM

Performing Arts held their AGM last Wednesday, where it was announced that they had one of their most successful years for ticket sales ever! Committee elections were also held, and I am proud to announce that the Performing Arts committee for 2017-18 is:

Performing Arts Societies Representative: Lucy Grant

Secretary: Victoria Richards

Music Societies Representative: Chris Hartland

Dance Societies Representative: Kallie Townsend

Theatrical Societies Representative: Gem Tunley

Technical Representative: Joe Lynch

Finance Officer: Jamie Christie

Web Officer: Anna Walker

Events and Publicity: George Gatehouse

Facilities Officer: Vacant

Congratulations everybody! I look forward to see (from afar) what Performing Arts achieve next year! 😀


Creative Industries Induction

We held our Creative Industries Induction last Friday where we gave our CI societies’ new committees the essential information they’ll need to get started over the summer, tips for applying for Union Grants in round one, and a run-through of all the changes that have happened due to the Students Groups Review this year. We also held elections for the next Creative Industries Societies Representative, who is responsible for being a voice for the many creative interest societies we have – ranging from Art Society, Tea Society, and even Cocktail Society! Huge congratulations to Rachel Gray who was elected for 2017-18!

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