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12 May 2017 17:28

Summer Elections 2017: The Results!

The Summer Elections have drawn to a close after three days of voting. We had a wide variety of roles up for election this time around, ranging from Equality and Diversity Officer, Student Trustee, WSA Committee positions, and Academic Presidents. We also had a newly-created position up for election for the first time: Joint Honours Officer!

Thanks to everyone who voted, and most importantly, to everyone who nominated themselves.

Below are those elected in the Summer Elections. Congratulations to everyone elected!

Student Trustee & Student Leader Trustee

Equality & Diversity Officer: Lii Mohamed

Student Trustee (x2 positions available): Katie Duke, Thomas Brown


Student Leader

Athletic Union Officer: Olivia Owen

Nightline Officer: Luke Hashman

Sports Participation Officer: Louise Speake

Clubs and Societies Officer: Brandon Mulliner

Housing Officer: Leyla Elsey

Joint Honours Officer: Matthew Cowley

Engineering & the Environment Faculty Officer: Christie Reed

Physical Sciences & Engineering Faculty Officer: Chloe Cheung

Natural and Environmental Sciences Faculty Officer: Adam Tod


Academic President

Archaeology: Rhiannon Thomas

Biological Sciences: Abbie Elizabeth Radford

Business: Peter Mitchell

ECS: Eliza Law

Education: Victoria Farley-Wood

English: Olivia Krauze

Film: Sophie Pitman

Geography: Charlotte Campbell

History: Alice Arnold

Law: Benedict Tangney

Mechanical Engineering: George Anderson

Nursing: Jessica Sainsbury

Philosophy: Conor McFarlane

Physics & Astronomy: Andrew Cox

Ship Science: Nirmalya Sohan Roy

Social Sciences: Edit Barbantan


Academic Vice-President

Politics & International Relations: Shaheer Ali


Course Representative

BM4 Medicine Year 2 (x2 positions available): Rachel Blyth, Michael Cardenas

BM5 Medicine Year 2 (x2 positions available): David Hendry, Jonathan Ritter

BM5 Medicine Year 3 (x2 positions available): Monisha Purokayastha, Kate Woolford

BM5 Medicine Year 4 (x2 positions available): Laura Brophy, Ellen Williams

BM5 Medicine Year 5 (x2 positions available): Barbara-Alex Alberts, Jahangir Jingy Alom

BM (EU) Medicine Year 2 (x2 positions available): Eilika Menke

BM (EU) Medicine Year 3 (x2 positions available): Philipp Maul

BM (EU) Medicine Year 4 (x2 positions available): Anne Meierkord

MMedSci (x2 positions available): Lorna Galbraith, Sarah Higgi


Winchester School of Art Committee

Welfare Officer: Sam Gallagher

Social Events Officer: Shannon Fitzgerald

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