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06 June 2017 13:24

Postgraduate events – an update!

Hi everyone!

Here at the Students’ Union we are constantly looking at ways to make your experience at University better. As a consequence we want to make sure that the events we put on are great for all students, no matter what campus you study at or what level you study.

We’ve been looking at what we offer for Postgraduate students across all campuses; in particular whether the weekly Meet and Mingle event in The Bridge was an effective tool for engaging postgrads for the amount of money we spend on it. As a result, we have decided that we will stop Meet and Mingle, with the last one being Thursday 15 June.

Meet and Mingle currently engages approximately 90 students a week, just at Highfield campus (around 1.5% of the total postgraduate community at the University), which costs us around £12,000 a year. We believe that this money could be better spent on a much broader range of events across all campuses, and we’ve already got great plans. The now sold-out Postgraduate Boat Ball is one such event, and this money will also go towards BBQs, Welcome events for both new and returning students, and a series of You Are More Than Your Thesis events specifically for PGR and PGT students over the summer.


We’d also love to hear your ideas for events – head to https://www.unionsouthampton.org/you-make-change/ and click ‘Make a Change’!

Postgraduate Committee and Flora Noble, Vice-President Student Communities

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