Dan Varley



13 December 2017 13:31


After much consideration I have decided to step down from my role as Vice-President Engagement. This hasn’t been an easy decision and is due to personal reasons.

Being a Sabbatical Officer isn’t easy, and having done it for 18 months I can say it is challenging but also incredibly  rewarding. Many  students don’t think Sabbs do all  that much, however  I would urge you to find out more and see the work we do to support you as student on a daily basis.

I have done quite a bit during my time here. I helped RAG bid for, win and host a national fundraising conference, planned and hosted the most well attended Excellence in Volunteering Awards (EVAs) of the past few years and have been heavily involved as the lead Sabb in hosting two successful Freshers’ Fortnights. I could not be prouder of the work I have achieved.

I want to thank everyone I’ve worked with, in particular my Student Leaders and volunteers, the incredible and hardworking Union staff and the two Sabb teams I’ve been a part of. Youall make this job a joy to do and I hope you continue all the good work you are doing for students!

Dan Varley

Vice-President Engagement

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