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12 January 2018 17:00

All Student Vote – Results!

Our All Student vote has now closed! We had a total of 2,335 individual students take part, reaching quoracy. As a reminder, we asked you 3 questions, written in collaboration with the students who submitted the petition that triggered the vote.

The results are as follows:

Do you believe that there has been full and clear consultation with students on this restructure?

Yes – 325 votes (15%)

No – 1843 (85%)

Do you believe that the Vice-Chancellor’s pay should be cut as part of the restructure?

Yes – 2035 votes (90.6%)

No – 211 votes (9.4%)

Do you believe that cuts to academic staff will be detrimental to the student experience?

Yes – 2117 votes (92.4%)

No – 174 votes (7.6%)

What’s next?

The entire Sabbatical team will be meeting on Tuesday to determine how best to present these results to the University and agree on specific actions we expect them to take. Our President Flora Noble will be taking this to University Council next Thursday.

Our priority is to look after the academic interests of our members, and we will make sure that the student experience is at the heart of every decision made by both the University and the Union.

I will keep you updated on the progress we make. If you have any questions, please contact me at vpdci@susu.org

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