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What’s happening about Sleeping Pods??

16 March 2017 » No Comments

Those of you who were at the AGM & Open Council in May last year may recall a policy proposal that mandated the Union to invest in sleeping pods, and place them within the Union building. In case you are interested, the policy is here. The policy was passed by 128 votes to 124, and […]

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6 months in – progress update

13 January 2017 » No Comments

Hey everyone, We are just over six months into our terms as Full Time Officers now, so in the interests of Transparency and Accountability, I just wanted to give you an update of where I’m at with my various projects that are in my plan. United Union High profile political speaker series – Natalie Bennett (former […]

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Do you want a break between Semester 1 & 2??

09 January 2017 » 4 Comments

When I ran for President, I made a manifesto commitment to lobby the University to establish a longer break between the two semesters in the academic calendar.   This time last year, I was in your position. I was revising frantically for exams that were looming in January, along with writing a dissertation on the Physics of […]

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FINALISTS – Let’s talk about Grad Ball 2017!

07 December 2016 » No Comments

Summer may seem like a long way away right now, but in little over 6 months, many students will be sitting down to do their final exams of their degree. It’s a scary thought, right?? But just think what comes next, after all that hard work (aside from the rest of your life that is) […]

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All Student Vote update – Branding…

30 November 2016 » 3 Comments

Hey everyone! First of all I must apologise for the length of time it has taken to provide an official update on the outcome of the All Student Vote questions on the Branding. In the 4 weeks after the vote we were busy working on a proposal to take to Trustee Board on how to […]

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Campaign for fair tuition fees update – Demonstration THIS SATURDAY!!

16 November 2016 » No Comments

Hey everyone, Last month, during the All Student Votes, you were asked to rank four campaigns in order of importance to you. As a student body you told the Union that the campaign for fair tuition fees is most important to you. On Monday, Education Zone met and discussed the results of this, and the […]

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Returning Officer Statement of Results

18 October 2016 » No Comments

As Returning Officer for the Autumn 2016 All Student Vote, I hereby give notice of the following results: Quoracy: 10% of student population, calculated from December 2015 figure (22,834) = 2,283   Do you prefer the name SUSU or Union Southampton (Us.)? Votes Cast: 4735 SUSU received 3328 votes (70%) Union Southampton (Us.) received 1407 votes […]

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Taking action on sweatshops

07 October 2016 » No Comments

Last week I was delighted to learn that four of our superb societies are teaming up to run a campaign. The Labour Society, Feminist Society, Green Action, and Worldview Southampton are jointly campaigning for human and workers’ rights in factories around the world. This is without a doubt an incredibly important issue, and myself and […]

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Developing a digital Union

20 September 2016 » No Comments

In my manifesto I set out a plan to lead on the development and release of a mobile app for the Union.  This is all about dragging the Union into the 21st century from a web and data point of view. I’ve already explained in a previous blog about the steps taken in terms of […]

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Adventures in Pres Land

25 August 2016 » 1 Comment

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been fairly quiet of late on this blog, but that does not mean the hard work has stopped!  So what exactly have I been doing? The Strategic “pillars” At the first Trustee Board of the year earlier this month, the Board discussed and set our four strategic pillars for the […]

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