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Beckie Thomas
"Hi, I’m Beckie, your Vice President for Welfare 2014/15. I’m here to make sure that you are healthy, safe and happy during your time at Southampton. There will be many exciting events and projects that you can get stuck into this year, giving you a chance to shout about the issues you care about, so I really hope you GET INVOLVED! :) It’s vital that you know that your union is here to support you every step of the way through your degree, so please don’t hesitate to contact The Advice Centre if you have any worries! -“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”- Anne Frank"

Thanks, it’s been an absolute blast.

28 June 2015 » No Comments

The past two years have been unforgettable. It’s been a privilege to be your Vice President Welfare. Thank- you to those who voted for me, supported me, and inspired me. I’m still shocked at what I’ve been able to achieve for you, working together with some utterly inspiring members of staff and volunteers; Sam Bailey, Lydia Butler, […]

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5 ways we’re improving the safety bus

10 June 2015 » No Comments

We are not axing the safety bus. We are taking a good service, and making it great. -We’ve all seen a lot of comments in the last few days about the safety bus service, and there have been a few misunderstandings and things I could have made a lot clearer; here is an overview of our […]

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Volunteer for ShiftYourStuff = Pizza Party

01 June 2015 » No Comments

Hi everyone, If you’re still in Southampton on the 11th June, we are looking for volunteers to join our team of 17 on 11th June and the 30th June to meet in the cube to sort through the collected bags from the shift your stuff campaign! There will be free Pizza in the stags at […]

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Care about your mental health? Join the conversation.

26 May 2015 » No Comments

  The Mental Health Survey is still open: I want to know how you’ve been supported during your time here so that we can work with the University to make things better for everyone…   Please take 5 minutes to give me your opinions!   If helping to improve support on campus isn’t enough of an […]

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For the love of… tell your MP why climate change matters.

26 May 2015 » No Comments

Hi everyone!   Would anyone be interested in joining me in attending the Climate Change Coalition Event in London on 17th June?   It’s a massive event where we can try to speak to our MP about climate change, and raise the profile of sustainability; the more faces the better!   More information is available here:   […]

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17 May 2015 » No Comments

Visit this page to find out about an incredible campaign for IDAHOT- The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. Take a photo of yourself holding hands with a friend and tweet it at #holdinghands  

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StressLessFest 2015

11 May 2015 » No Comments

So here’s what we have planned this year to help you to manage your stress, and take a break from all of your hard work!… Safety Bus Redbrick 20 April – 5 June Revision Spaces 4 May – 5 June Academic Skills Hub Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (10-12 & 14-16.00) 11 May – 5 June Academic […]

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Sustainability Fayre TODAY at SUSU!

08 May 2015 » No Comments

See what you’re missing out on at SUSU today? Come on over and take a break from revision/ coursework?!…            

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Shift Your Stuff!

08 May 2015 » 2 Comments

  Let SUSU to help you shift your unwanted items to a new home, with other students, or to charities (homeless shelters, food banks, and other local groups)!   Details are listed in the posters here…. Pick up a red bag and flyer from SUSU reception or WSA Reception, or Mayflower Halls Common Room A and […]

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There’s a rather large elephant in the room. Let’s start talking about mental health.

05 May 2015 » No Comments

  Mental health is often ignored, and left as the metaphorical ‘elephant in the room’. This needs to stop.   In my role as VP Welfare this year, I’ve been working hard to combine a plan to inform every single student of the support available to them, with a plan to open conversations about mental […]

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