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Rebrand Week 1: Looking back!

20 May 2016 » 4 Comments

First, I want to thank you all for being so patient with me this week. As with most things I’ve done this year as a Sabb, this has been an enormous learning curve, and I’d like to thank you all who have made your points calmly and clearly and given me a chance to engage […]

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Let’s talk about the rebrand.

16 May 2016 » 14 Comments

At the moment, we’re part-way through the exciting launch of our new brand. We’ve run a huge survey (2,500 of you took part) and held lots of consultation sessions. We’ve kept Union Council – made up of 45+ of your elected reps – updated all along the way, and they unanimously picked the “Union Southampton” […]

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NUS, AGM & Grad Ball, oh my!

27 April 2016 » No Comments

Hey y’all. CONTENTS: 1. Grad Ball, 2. NUS Conference, 3. The AGM So, you may remember me from my blog called ‘Can I Have a Moment, before I go…’ which I wrote before I went for a few weeks for Easter. Now I’ve been back for a few weeks, And after my first 9 days back […]

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Can I have a moment, before I go…

24 March 2016 » No Comments

Yes, that was an intentional Adele reference (I saw her live. No big deal. It was only TOTALLY LIFE CHANGING) but no, I don’t mean I’m standing down from office early… just going back ‘oop North’ for a while (until 11th April, to be precise). I’ve not taken any annual leave yet this year, and […]

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07 March 2016 » 1 Comment

Many of you will be aware by now that we’ve been on a process of reviewing the brand lately. Whenever somebody calls it a ‘rebrand’, there is always a refrain of ‘it’s a brand review’ from anyone else present. Well, no longer, for I have exciting news… we’re rebranding! The survey was filled out by […]

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Cube Renovation confirmed!

07 October 2015 » 2 Comments

We’re doing up The Cube! (tl;dr – bits in bold) Union Films have been promised new seats for a long time, and the Cube is seeing increasing use as a conference and lecture venue as student numbers increase. At the minute, it is ill suited to the latter purpose, and the promise of new seats […]

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Games & Gossip

08 September 2015 » No Comments

OK, the title of this blog was a little misleading, but I wanted a nice alliterative title to announce TWO exciting things: A common-room-like space in Bar 2, and drop ins at WSA and The NOC for a chat with a Sabb.       First and foremost, there’s been a slight change to Bar 2. Y’all […]

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Well this is new…

10 August 2015 » 1 Comment

Hello hello! This is my first blog as your President – it’s time to find out if I was all twerk and no work; all razzle and no dazzle. Here’s what I’ve been up to, I’ll let you make up your mind! 1) We’ve been visiting other Students’ Unions to learn about the stuff they do […]

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