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JCR? Winchester EXEC Committee? What, in Winchester? REALLY?

09 February 2011 » 1 Comment

So, the long and short of it is, yes. We now have a Winchester Executive committee and a JCR at Erasmus Park! It’s a very exciting time for Winchester and we are slowly getting to the point where our students can finally get their voices heard and get stuff done! Our first Exec committee meeting […]

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WSA students, what do you want from your students union?

02 February 2011 » 7 Comments

Winchester School of Arts S.U. is currently undergoing some awesome changes. Our small square block/barn has been the base for the WSA students to socialise in for many years. This space has changed colour, furniture and presidents every year with the addition of bits and bobs that each president wants to make a mark with.  […]

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Does winchester need a Student President?

13 January 2011 » No Comments

Since starting the Sabb Review many months ago, the idea of getting rid of my position wasn’t something I’d even acknowledge. Getting rid of the Winchester president?! Never! Well, I’ve learnt a lot since I’ve started this job and in all honesty the new 6 positions look good, they make sense. However, getting down to […]

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Erasmus Park – Over £100 a week – Real value for money?

13 January 2011 » 8 Comments

Erasmus park is a right of passage for most Art students at the WSA. Over the years the feedback about Erasmus seems to get more extravagant and more unbelievable. Mushrooms growing out of the kitchen sink? More lime scale coming out the shower heads than actual water? A microwave that tries to be an oven? […]

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