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David Martin
"Hi I’m David and I’m honoured to be your VP Democracy and Creative Industries for the coming year! My remit includes three key areas; ensuring we’ve got strong democratic processes, including exciting elections throughout the year, strengthening our already award-winning Union Films, Media and Performing Arts groups and helping student groups to develop further. There’s so much to do within the Union and hopefully I can help you to achieve some of your aims!"

Democracy in Action!

28 March 2014 » 1 Comment

Union Council is the place to have your say about what SUSU does and how it does it. Council holds your elected officers to account for what they’re up to, and sets the direction for SUSU. It’s the highest decision-making body and decides what goes on in your Union. Council meets once a month during […]

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Coverage of Elections

16 February 2014 » No Comments

Elections are one of the busiest and most exciting times in the calendar with so many exciting events and campaigns going on throughout February. Many of you will experience the elections, but won’t be able to catch everything that’s going on. Luckily, SUSUtv, Surge and the Wessex Scene are all going to be providing extensive […]

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Do Sabbs Actually Do Anything? – VP DCI

29 January 2014 » 2 Comments

I’ve had a great six months so far in my role as Vice President Democracy & Creative Industries and as a Sabb more generally and have worked with a fantastic team.  I’ve enjoyed working on things as varied as the Bunfight, elections, media broadcasts and affiliating new societies. Below is the work I have done […]

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Elections – Help With Running

25 January 2014 » No Comments

Elections are coming up very shortly and we want to ensure that we get as many people as possible involved in the process, running, campaigning and voting. To help give you the best information and experience possible, we’ve developed the following:   Your Skills Sessions On the  30th January from (6 – 7:30)  in Building 2/1083 we’re […]

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Winchester Bunfight

23 January 2014 » No Comments

On Monday 27th January, SUSU is hosting a special Bunfight in WSA Cafe, just for Winchester Students! What is a Bunfight? Unlike the name suggests, sadly this isn’t a mass food fight!! It is however a chance to meet lots of SUSU’s societies, and even sign up to a few of them. Coming along on […]

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Wessex Scene reach 3,000 articles!

09 January 2014 » No Comments

The Wessex Scene, your campus newspaper has been on a long journey since it’s very first issue back in 1936; back then it even had a completely different name – The Wessex News. You can see an image of the 1 penny publication on the right. The magazine has existed on its current website since […]

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Union Films On Fire!

09 December 2013 » 1 Comment

Last week, Union Films showed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (otherwise known as “the second one”) seven times between the 1st and 8th December. For those of you unfamiliar with Union Films, it is a 330 capacity cinema within SUSU, run entirely by volunteers all the way from the box office to the projection of […]

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Creative Industries Careers Season

05 December 2013 » No Comments

As seen by the new Zones structure that we have, for the first time we’ve combined Media, Performing Arts and a whole host of other activities that are categorised as creative industries into one grouping. The benefit of this Creative Industries Zone has been the creation of bigger and better collaborative projects.   One of […]

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Activities Room Renovation

14 November 2013 » 3 Comments

At the AGM last year, a policy was passed ensuring that we renovate the Activities Room and you can read that policy here. Now is the time for the collection of further feedback which will guide what actions and redevelopments are made in the coming months. The Activities Room is a key space for many of […]

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Creative Spaces Developments

30 October 2013 » 3 Comments

This summer and autumn we’ve made some developments to our creative facilities – a brand new photography studio, updates to the Surge Radio, new technology fitted in Media Resources and speakers installed in the Multi-Purpose Studio (MPS).  3 years ago, we built a brand new student television studio, and since then SUSUtv have made an […]

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