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"Hi everyone, my name is Dean and I’m your Vice President Sports Development. I’m in charge of meeting all of your sport and health needs whilst you’re at University. If you have any queries regarding sport or health then feel free to get in touch with me at any time"
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AU ball – and the winner is…

19 April 2013 » No Comments

So it’s the final count down to this year’s Athletic Union awards ball. This evening will see us celebrating the achievements of our student athletes over the past year both on and off of the playing field at the spectacular venue of Southampton Football Club’s St Mary’s stadium. We had such an amazing set of […]

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Varsity – when is the final whistle?

16 April 2013 » 5 Comments

I’m writing this blog to update everyone on the work that has been happening following the result of Varsity, which Portsmouth were recorded as winning, despite disputes by two of our clubs. I believe that despite many elements of the event’s organisation exceeding what was done in the past, Varsity is missing a process to […]

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Should SUSU ban initiations?

06 March 2013 » 3 Comments

So no funny blog title this time, just a straight-up simple question (well, maybe not that simple)! This was one of the ideas submitted to the last Union Council with a view to update our current policy that has been around since 2003 due to it being very outdated (referring to officers and committees that no […]

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Why Southampton is better than Portsmouth…

01 February 2013 » 2 Comments

It is a long standing tradition for neighbouring universities to hold a large sporting event once a year known as a varsity competition in a bid to prove the superior sporting university.   SUSU used to have a long standing competition with Southampton Solent, but after many years of us continually coming out on top […]

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Question your Officer (Part 2) – #askSUSUsabbs

23 January 2013 » No Comments

As part of a wider campaign to improve transparency and accountability at SUSU, today from 5 -6pm, your Sabbatical team will be online answering ANY of your questions! Today it’s Nicole, Dean, Chloe, and David’s turn and you can still check out the questions and answers from yesterday with Sam, Sasha and Shane.  You can submit […]

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Do Sabbs Actually Do Anything? – Sports Development

20 January 2013 » 2 Comments

“It’s halfway through what has been an extremely exciting term in office so far, and so this week, the Sabbatical team are writing mid-term reports to update you with what we’ve been up to and the sorts of things we’ve been dealing with, as well as the sorts of plans we have for the remaining […]

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Sports Tasters: try before you buy!

28 September 2012 » No Comments

So you’ve almost made it to the end of freshers’ week and I’m sure you have signed up to a million and one student groups at the bunfight. Now the time has come for you to actually get involved! Each year at the end of Freshers’ week SUSU puts on a sports tasters weekend for […]

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My hat-trick

15 August 2012 » 4 Comments

So it’s my turn to tell you about my goals for the coming year. Using a mixture of our manifestos, extra things we have learnt since writing them, the union plan and continuing work from our predecessors, each of the sabbs has decided on three goals that we will spend the majority of our time […]

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