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Penultimate Day of Sabb Life – Thank you for everything!

29 June 2015 » No Comments

Gosh. It is my penultimate day of being a sabb and I’m really not prepared for the emptiness I’ll feel when I leave this job. It has been an incredibly fulfilling experience that has drastically shaped the person I am today and the person I aspire to be. If you have ever even considered running […]

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Who deserves £100,000? You decide!

01 June 2015 » No Comments

Every year RAG raises A LOT of money for charity and you get to choose which 3 main charities this money goes to. This years charities were WaterAid, Teenage Cancer Trust, and Solent Mind. Now it’s time for you, the student body to choose who we should raise money for next year. Make your vote […]

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The General Election Campaign – Your Vote Your Voice. How did it go?

12 May 2015 » 2 Comments

Below is a breakdown of the whole £15,169.01 spent on a campaign to engage students across Southampton and Winchester in the General Election by informing them on voter registration and encouraging them to use their vote on May 7th. But the question is: was it worth it? Hell yes it was. I couldn’t be prouder of being […]

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Vote in the General Election – Who do you want to run the UK?

07 May 2015 » No Comments

Happy Voting Day! Today is voting day. Ensure you get down to your polling station before 22:00. Then join us in the Bridge after Laughter Lounge to watch the results come in until the early hours! Don’t know where you polling station or who your candidates are? -Enter your postcode here Don’t know who to […]

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Excellence in Volunteering Awards – Tickets and shortlist

24 April 2015 » No Comments

A huge congratulations to everyone who was nominated for one of our Excellence in Volunteering Awards. It has been an honour to read them all and select the short-list alongside the other sabbs and our external trustees. Tickets £12 or 10 for £100. Available here. The selection process (for transparency): Each of the sabbs rated each […]

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Your last chance to register to vote is on Monday.

16 April 2015 » 1 Comment

If you have not registered to vote, you will not only face an £80 fine but you will lose your right to have your say on who runs the country on May 7th. This is your chance. Don’t waste it and make your voice heard. Register to vote here. It will take you less than […]

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EVAs – If someone has given up their own time doing a fantastic job for the sake of others, nominate them for an EVA.

17 March 2015 » No Comments

Whether someone has volunteered in the community, or given up their own time as part of a society (e.g. organising trips/socials/projects/campaigns etc.), I want this to be recognised and celebrated. If you know anyone who has done a great job, we want to hear about it. Nominate them here by Friday 20th March (this Friday!!) and […]

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In volunteering £762,297.80 worth of hours every year, our students are worth celebrating.

18 February 2015 » No Comments

  National Student Volunteering Week The 23rd Feb- 1st March A week dedicated to: Celebrating the impact made by student volunteers Inspiring more students to get involved Raising awareness of the value of student volunteering SUSU, Southampton Hub, Southampton Voluntary Services, and Careers Destinations have come together to bring SVW onto campus and into the […]

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YOU have raised £38,414.61 for charity. You are awesome.

05 February 2015 » No Comments

NEWS JUST IN. The RAG total as of today is £17’008.54 higher than this time last year! AMAZING.

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What Have the Sabbs Done For You? 6 Months In – VP Engagement

28 January 2015 » No Comments

 So… 6 Months In… It has been a whopping half year. Here are all the things I’ve achieved half way through my term in office. RAG Conference bid In August, we valiantly fought to host RAG Conference 2015 here in Southampton. Putting the bid together was no easy feat but it resulted in an astounding […]

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