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Joint-Honours Forum

09 March 2017 » No Comments

Last month we hosted a Forum for Joint-Honours Students in the Cube, giving students’ a chance to raise issues and suggestions to a panel comprising University and Union staff. The forum was a really good event, with a lot of conversation bouncing back and forth between the panel and audience, and as a group we […]

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Study Space around the Uni

15 December 2016 » 1 Comment

With Semester 1 exams coming up and deadlines looming, it may not always be that easy to find a place to study with the atmosphere, resources and requirements. So here are some places that you can study at different times a day and with different environments and resources. Library – yes, this is the obvious one […]

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Education Zone First Meeting – Monday 14th!!!

09 November 2016 » No Comments

Next Monday marks the first meeting of the Education Zone this year. We’re going to be discussing Tuition Fees, looking back at how the Academic Elections have gone and a whole other host of discussion topics!   Most crucially, we will be electing positions for the Education Zone and the University Senate.   The Education […]

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Academic Rep Elections!

12 October 2016 » No Comments

As many of you might be aware by now the Autumn Elections are now fully in swing. Positions up for nomination include several Student Leader positions, Zone Open Places, Senate, and what I want to talk about today, Academic Reps.   There are three different Academic Rep roles. Course Reps are for the most part […]

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Tuition Fees: What You Need to Know

28 July 2016 » 1 Comment

  The last two weeks have been big for the world of Higher Education, with the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which will dictate future rises in Tuition Fees, taking shape.   Several Universities are already announcing higher fees for 2017, and we understand that you may be concerned as to what direction the University of […]

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