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Evan Whyte
"Hi my name is Evan and I’m your Vice-President Sports Development. Over the next year I will head up the Sports Zone, which will shape your sporting experience here at Southampton. Whether you are interested in competing for the University or playing a sport recreationally, it does not matter. We cater to the needs of every student and allow you to develop your sporting skills, whatever your ability."

Lowering The Cost Of Sport (Sportswear and Tours)

20 September 2013 » 4 Comments

As shown in the last blog by Claire Gilbert, my goals over the forthcoming year are based upon: Creating an IDENTITY for the Sports Zone (in particular our Athletic Union clubs) to increase the team spirit within the Athletic Union and the general student body’s affinity to our AU and Intra Mural teams. Increasing the […]

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Success in SUSU!

11 September 2013 » 4 Comments

After years of designs, various Sabbatical officers and student leaders campaigning…. Trophy cabinets are here! They are not your average cupboard, but instead a way of publicly saying well done to all our student groups who win awards and deserve recognition!   These should hold trophies from a range of groups including Performing Arts, Sport […]

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Let’s Bring The Trophy Home!

25 July 2013 » 3 Comments

Hi again, After some of the issues we encountered with Varsity last year, Lucy Dowdall (AU Officer) and I have decided to put Varsity at the top of our ‘to-do’ list. I am pleased to announce, after meeting with the new VP Sports of Portsmouth (Richard Glover) today, that we now have a confirmed date […]

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The New ‘Old’ Sports Hall?

22 July 2013 » 3 Comments

Hi Everyone, This is my first blog of the year (a long time coming, I know!), as I have been at various conferences (SU2013 and BUCS) and had a crazy amount of training. I am pleased to write that my first blog as Vice-President is a positive one, and hopefully worth the wait! I have […]

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