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Fraud Alert: Fake Jobs

23 December 2011 » No Comments

Recently there’s been some job offers going around offering opportunities to work from home transferring money. Students have been arrested for accepting such jobs and have been charged  for money laundering (where illegal money is transferred and the process is concealed). Crimestoppers have produced a very helpful website which gives some very useful information including signs to […]

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Financial Fiasco: Vulture Lending

22 December 2011 » No Comments

Back in November I attended a lecture entitled, “Is Vulture lending good for Britain?” It was all about loan companies lending people money and charging ridiculously high interest rates. Some of these companies are targetting students and young people through social media channels.  I hadn’t realised quite how serious the issue was until this lecture […]

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Student Taxi Scheme

21 December 2011 » 8 Comments

So a while ago I posted about the Student Taxi Scheme that we are implementing here at SUSU. This is going to start on Monday 30th January 2012. We’re running the scheme with Radio Taxis.  There will be a few simple steps for you to follow: 1. Phone Radio Taxis to book a cab and […]

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Before you leave for Christmas…

15 December 2011 » No Comments

Follow our top tips if you’re living in private rented accommodation 1. Read the small print on your housing contract  Be clear what you signed up to do before you leave for the holidays – as this could be the key to your liability. Most contracts will flag up measures for preventing burst pipes, securing […]

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Horrible Housing, Saucy Sexual Health, Super Safety, Sinful Substances, Wonderful Welfare

14 December 2011 » No Comments

Interested in any of the above topics? Well we have Officer vancancies for them. Tomorrow (Thursday 15th December) at 1PM there’s a Welfare Committee in The Board Room (on Level 2 of the SUSU Building, 42, in the Sabbatical Office) and we’ll be electing these positions! Housing Officer Sexual Health Officer Student Safety Officer Substances […]

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The May Festival: Have your say!

27 November 2011 » No Comments

Tomorrow evening, Monday 28th November, at 6PM in The Board Room (on Level 2 of SUSU, Building 42) we’re holding an ideas session for the May Festival (a communities festival held annually to showcase the talent of Southampton students!) We’re looking for anyone who’s interested in having a say in how this is run to come […]

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Wonderful Welfare.. Want to get involved?

18 November 2011 » No Comments

At the last Welfare Committee we had a great discussion about how Welfare Committee should run and how we can make Welfare great at Southampton. From this we’ve created a number of positions that we need filled! So if you’re interested in running campaigns on a number of Welfare issues and fancy having your say […]

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DON’T PANIC, Frankie says relax..

09 November 2011 » No Comments

..About your housing. It’s getting to that time of year where flyers and notices will be appearing in your halls of residence and through your front door from a number of letting agencies telling you to start looking for a house for next year.  Many will claim that you ‘NEED TO DO THIS NOW’. Well, […]

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Body Gossip – a fantastic campaign!

09 November 2011 » 1 Comment

Over the weekend I attended a Student Run Self Help (SRSH) conference which is a support group for eating disorders (we have a group in Southampton!) It was a fantastic conference with loads of volunteers from SRSH from all over the country. One of the pieces of information that we were given was about Body […]

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New Employment Law Clinic Set Up!

04 November 2011 » No Comments

Following the success of the Housing Clinic that students at the academic unit for Law set up, students have now set up a new Employment Law Clinic. What is the Employment Law Clinic? The Employment Law Clinic is a voluntary group run by third year students studying employment law at the University of Southampton, with […]

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