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"Hi I'm Joe. It's my responsibility to ensure that there is effective communication between all of SUSU through a variety of platforms, such as, social networking and our media departments. I am also responsible for the democratic processes within SUSU and all elections. If you are interested in creating amazing content in our media departments or want to ask me other questions, get in touch."

What’s happening at Union Council Today

12 March 2012 » No Comments

The 5th Union Council of the year is taking place in the cube at 5pm today. Council is where the sabbaticals and other officers of the union are held to account and where the big policies of the union are debated and discussed. The papers can be found here, the main points of discussion are […]

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Sabbatical & Trustee Elections: The Full Results

06 March 2012 » 1 Comment

The Sabbatical and Trustee elections are over for another year with the successfully candidates officially announced on SUSUtv last Thursday. Congratulations to all the successful candidates and commiserations to the unsuccessful ones. A total of 6543 People voted in the elections. Those of you who are interested can see a video breakdown of all the sabbatical results here: […]

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SUSU Elections – The Candidates!

16 February 2012 » 2 Comments

As Deputy Returning Officer of the SUSU Sabbatical and Trustee elections 2012, I am please to announce that the following candidates have successfully nominated themselves for the following positions:   Union President Sam Ling Simon Boyce RON ( Re Open Nominations)   VP Academic Affairs Sasha Watson Mairead McGuirk Sophie Kamperis Rachel Stockey Oliver Bills […]

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Your Elections 2012 – Nominations Are Now Open!

06 February 2012 » No Comments

Nominations for the 2012 SUSU Sabbatical and Trustee elections are now open! Potential candidates have until 1pm on Thursday 16th February to nominate themselves for one of the following available positions: President Vice President Communications Vice President Academic Affairs Vice President Welfare and Communities Vice President Sports Development Vice President Student Engagement Ethical and Environmental officer Equality and Diversity officer Student […]

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Know Someone Who Would Be Good At Leading Your Union?

01 February 2012 » 6 Comments

This years Sabbatical Officer and Trustee elections are right around the corner. In fact nominations open on Monday 6th! The sabbatical officers are 6 elected paid full time officers who run SUSU on a day to day basis. My personal experience has taught me it is a demanding but extreamly rewarding role and I would […]

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How Can SUSU Make Life Better For You?

23 January 2012 » 5 Comments

  SUSU exists to represent every student. So we want to hear your ideas on how to make your life better. You may want SUSU to lobby the University to change something about your course. It could be that you want SUSU to fund the Societies more. You may even want SUSU to protest on a national […]

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The Sabbatical & Trustee elections are coming…

18 January 2012 » 7 Comments

The most exciting week in the Union calendar is right around the corner. This term sees the Sabbatical & Trustee elections. These are the big ones, which elect the officers who run the Union on a day to day basis. All students can run and it’s your chance to shape SUSU for the future, either […]

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SUSU Media – What Rules Should They Follow? Where Is The Line They Must Not Cross?

14 December 2011 » 1 Comment

SUSU has four media departments; Surge Radio, SUSUtv, Wessex Scene (news magazine), & The Edge (entertainment magazine). They do great work and provide a great experience for the students involved but also help to build up a community between all students at the University. In the past however there has tensions between union officers and […]

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Union Council 21st Nov – The Decisions Taken

28 November 2011 » No Comments

On Monday 21st November the second Union Council of the year (and the first adopting the new system) was held in the cube. Council is where the highest decisions of the Union are made by elected students, and was split into three sections for the first time, an informal ideas discussion, a policy debate and […]

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By-Election results!

18 November 2011 » No Comments

On Friday evening Jonny Brooks-Bartlett (Vice President Sports Development and Returning Officer) announced the results of the by-elections for Vice President Winchester, Student Leaders and Union Councillors. I am very pleased to announce the following results of those elections and those elected: Sabbatical Vice President Winchester Laura Gardner  – Elected Trudie Kee Stephen Langdon Ron (Re-open nominations)   […]

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