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Goodbye Council – and here’s to the future!

28 June 2016 » No Comments

The blog below is from Jade Head, Chair of Union Council. I just want to thank for her work this year: even when dealing with challenging circumstances, such as an Emergency Council and the transition away from the Council model, she always worked hard to put democracy and the future of the Union at the […]

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Farewells, Thank you’s, and Things we’ve Gone and Done

27 June 2016 » No Comments

Just one year ago our team started our time as Full Time Officers, and it’s fair to say I started as a naïve and pretty nervous person: I started the year with trepidation pinning my pug pictures to my notice board, and jumping a mile every time my phone rang – but I thought to […]

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How to Apply for Funding – Round 1 Open Now!

24 June 2016 » No Comments

Applications will close on the 3rd July, so make sure you submit your funding requests before then, by going to And select ‘Apply for funding’. Whilst we do give as much support as we possibly can to our Student Groups, we do unfortunately have a limited amount of money – meaning it’s extra important […]

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When’s the referendum going to be?

26 May 2016 » 7 Comments

After a lengthy discussion this morning, Democracy Zone Committee have decided that the rebrand referendum will be held at the start of the next academic year. Under the Rules, Democracy Zone Committee is responsible for the conduct and timing of all referendums. The Committee had two choices: either hold it next week, or at the […]

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Petition: To Referendum or Not To Referendum?

24 May 2016 » 2 Comments

  I’ve been on the redbrick this afternoon, giving out free pizza and talking to students about their thoughts on democracy and elections, and a few people asked me what I, as VP of Democracy, thought about the prospect of a referendum. Quite honestly, I’m torn! Obviously I really value the democratic principles of a […]

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SUSU AGM: The real story

13 May 2016 » 8 Comments

On Wednesday this week we held the SUSU Annual General Meeting- where every single student can submit and vote on policies. Amazingly, we had a record breaking year with the highest ever number of: ideas submitted by students (161); policies submitted by students (19); and proxy voters (563), which is a 46.2% increase on last year. […]

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Summer Elections: The Results

12 May 2016 » No Comments

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Summer Elections!   Chair of Senate (Changed from Chair of Council as per the Democratic Reform proposal at the AGM) Benjamin Franklin wins the election with 247 votes, compared to 108 for Matthew Cowley. Medsoc Vice-President Academic Hoda Amar wins the election with 153 votes. NOC Site Officer […]

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Media Ball- The Winners!

09 May 2016 » No Comments

Last week we celebrated the media ball, where we recognised the amazing talent and dedication our media contributors have given to their departments this year.   This year we had 361 nominations, a record breaking amount, and had 24 independent industry professionals and Southampton alumni to judge them, who were all very impressed with the […]

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Student Groups Update: Here’s what you need to know…

22 April 2016 » No Comments

It’s that time of year where wizened old student group committees pass the mantle on to the spritely newly elected committees. It’s a bittersweet time for the old committees as they nervously hand over their hard work, and an exciting one for the eager newbies as they face a year of potential. So, if you’ve […]

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Student Media is Changing

15 April 2016 » No Comments

This year we’ve been working on a review of the Student Media departments here at SUSU, so we can assess how effectively they operate now, and what we can do to make them more enjoyable and better quality for volunteers and audience members alike. There’s never been a better year for us to take a […]

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