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"Hi, I’m Sam your Students Union President for the coming year. Your time at here provides you with an amazing array of opportunities to take advantage of. My role as President is to work hard to ensure the Union is everything you need it to be, and that every student’s voice is listened to. Don’t forget to take full advantage of your Union, and I look forward helping you get the most out of your time here."
Manifesto Plans

Who’s Saying what on 9K Fees

27 November 2012 » No Comments

A month ago I blogged a request to the vice chancellor to clarify his stance on the rising of the fee for UK students coming to University this year. The last few years have seen substantial changes to the shape of HE funding, and the debt that individuals will be taking on in the UK […]

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Fees, the market, and the future of HE

03 October 2012 » 3 Comments

Two years ago after demonstrations, campaigns, and debate the government made the decision to increase the cost of University tuition in England to £9000. This week we see the first students to come into HE at this new fee, and in the time between the landscape of higher education has radically changed. What has happened: […]

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Friday Nights are Back!

30 January 2012 » 1 Comment

After months of consultation, planning, and promises yesterday the Cube was finally relaunched, and what a relaunch it was! Over 1200 students packed a the new look Friday Night which was designed around everything you’d been telling us you wanted. See my previous blogs “Friday Nights are Changing” and “Not Just Another Re-brand” To get an […]

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Not Just Another Rebrand

23 January 2012 » 7 Comments

This term sees SUSU re-launch its Nightlife calendar, starting on the 27th with the Premiere of our Friday club night to celebrate the end of exams, with tickets now on sale at the Box Office. Over the past few weeks, I have spoken about how SUSU’s events have had their peaks and troughs, in particular […]

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Friday Nights Are Changing

18 January 2012 » 13 Comments

Last term, over 1000 of you responded to our Nightlife survey   You asked us for an affordable Friday night out, with great music, fast service and an amazing atmosphere, and that’s what we’re going to deliver. We’ve put together a night out that you and your friends will love, with more bars around the […]

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A New Begining – SUSU Events

22 December 2011 » 15 Comments

Some events SUSU has hosted over the last three months have been a great success. We have had two amazing welcome parties, 100s of students entertained by the Laughter Lounge, busy cinema nights all through the week, and over 800 students taking advantage of our deals to see Southampton FC. From our student run activities […]

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University Question Time

08 December 2011 » 2 Comments

This Monday (12th December)  at Mid Day we will be holding Question Time with the Vice Challellor (Prof. Don Nutbeam) in association with Southampton Students for Education (SSFE). This is your chance to ask to question the person at the head of the University about a whole range of topics, from whats happening currently […]

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Today’s National Strike

30 November 2011 » 3 Comments

Today across the country public sector workers will be striking. Locally UCU, the union which many of our academic staff are a member, will be joining this action to campaign over changes to the USS pensions scheme. A discussion on this and future action was brought to Union Council (a reflective and representative body of […]

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Join the Southampton University Challenge Team

16 November 2011 » 4 Comments

Are you the student who can bring the University of Southampton a University Challenge Victory? Next week we’re looking to form a team of the best and brightest minds of our students to win this years University Challenge. If you’d like to be a part of the team we’ll be running try outs next Wednesday. […]

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SUSU Will March…Again…

28 October 2011 » No Comments

On November 9th at 12 mid day SUSU will march…again. It’s almost a year now since the government decided to increase the cap on tuition fees to £9000 and in a couple of weeks’ time students will once again be returning to the streets of London to demonstrate against the rise in the cost of […]

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