What’s happening about Sleeping Pods??

» 16 March 2017 » No Comments

Those of you who were at the AGM & Open Council in May last year may recall a policy proposal that mandated the Union to invest in sleeping pods, and place them within the Union building. In case you are interested, the policy is here. The policy was passed by 128 votes to 124, and […]

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Joint-Honours Forum

» 09 March 2017 » No Comments

Last month we hosted a Forum for Joint-Honours Students in the Cube, giving students’ a chance to raise issues and suggestions to a panel comprising University and Union staff. The forum was a really good event, with a lot of conversation bouncing back and forth between the panel and audience, and as a group we […]

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Diversity Fortnight Drop Ins

» 17 February 2017 » No Comments

Do you want an opportunity to give feedback on your university experience? I’m working with the University on two amazing projects – the Student Success Project and Diversity Fortnight. These two are coming together for a series of drop-ins across every campus, aimed at students from a BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) background. We’ll be […]

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What’s your favourite night club?

» 06 February 2017 » 1 Comment

So if you’re anything like me, going on a night out is one of the best things to do in Southampton. Whether it’s a massive Wednesday at Oceana, or a more relaxed evening at Karaoke in the Stags’, the chance to socialise and kick back after a long day in the library cannot be missed. […]

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Running in the Spring Elections? Here’s what you need to know

» 23 January 2017 » No Comments

As we head into the second week of exams, now’s around the time that those of you who are thinking of running in this year’s Spring Elections are going to start getting your ideas together, forming campaign teams, and drafting manifestos. It’s also around the time last year that, after two whole weeks living in […]

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6 months in – progress update

» 13 January 2017 » No Comments

Hey everyone, We are just over six months into our terms as Full Time Officers now, so in the interests of Transparency and Accountability, I just wanted to give you an update of where I’m at with my various projects that are in my plan. United Union High profile political speaker series – Natalie Bennett (former […]

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Do you want a break between Semester 1 & 2??

» 09 January 2017 » 4 Comments

When I ran for President, I made a manifesto commitment to lobby the University to establish a longer break between the two semesters in the academic calendar.   This time last year, I was in your position. I was revising frantically for exams that were looming in January, along with writing a dissertation on the Physics of […]

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Study Space around the Uni

» 15 December 2016 » 1 Comment

With Semester 1 exams coming up and deadlines looming, it may not always be that easy to find a place to study with the atmosphere, resources and requirements. So here are some places that you can study at different times a day and with different environments and resources. Library – yes, this is the obvious one […]

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FINALISTS – Let’s talk about Grad Ball 2017!

» 07 December 2016 » No Comments

Summer may seem like a long way away right now, but in little over 6 months, many students will be sitting down to do their final exams of their degree. It’s a scary thought, right?? But just think what comes next, after all that hard work (aside from the rest of your life that is) […]

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Are you ready for the Spring Elections?

» 30 November 2016 » No Comments

I know it’s only November, but it’s time to get prepared for the upcoming set of elections; these are the big ones – the Spring Elections! For those of you who don’t know, the Spring Elections are when students get to vote in the next Full-Time Officers – who will lead the Union the following […]

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