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The International Student Experience

» 19 November 2012 » 1 Comment

Every year, Universities around the country take part in a survey called ‘I-barometer’, which gives us a chance to find out what ALL international students think about their University experience. SUSU loves every chance it gets to hear what students think and how they’re enjoying their time. Each year we make sure that we shout […]

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University Challenge Time – Your University Needs You

» 06 November 2012 » No Comments

It’s that time again to select this year’s University of Southampton University Challenge. Do you know your Galileo’s from your Archimedes? You know your Exclusion Principles from your Uncertainty Theorem? Is there more to Pi for you than just Apple and Blackberry Crumble? Then this team is right for you!   On Wednesday and Friday […]

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Freshers’ in Photos – Part 1

» 26 September 2012 » 1 Comment

Welcome to all our new and returning students at SUSU! Despite the wettest Welcome Weekend in over 7 years, it’s been an incredible Freshers’ so far, and here are just a few photos of what’s been happening. Some have been taken from our lovely professional photos team… and others are just on my ol’ phone, so […]

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Actually putting students at the heart of Education – Plans for 2012/13

» 15 August 2012 » 9 Comments

Aloha! Today is my turn to outline what I’m hoping to achieve over my final 11 months as a Sabbatical Officer. In the past 12 months, lots of work has gone into preparing for 2012 (with it’s £9k fees and all), with a lot of projects now established to review and make improvements in a […]

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VP Winchester And Sites & Union Councillor Election Results

» 14 May 2012 » No Comments

I am pleased to announce the results of the VP Winchester And Sites, Union Councillor and Social & Humans Sciences Officer Election results: Vice President Winchester and Sites There were two candidates for this position: Nicole Trengove – 185 RON (Re Open Nominations) – 42 I am pleased to announce that Nicole Trengove is duly elected to […]

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The Student Voice – Why you Should get Involved!

» 01 May 2012 » 5 Comments

There have been lots of exciting elections this year; in the last couple of months you’ve chosen your new Sabbatical team and Student Leaders for 2012-13, and currently there are elections to choose who will be your lead student representative for your course, in the Academic President Elections. However, there’s another important set of roles […]

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Alumni Sports Day 2012

» 30 April 2012 » No Comments

The day is Saturday April 28th 2012. Wet, windy, cold, bleak. A day that epitomises the Great British winter……………………………………………………….. yes this is pretty much how the Varsity blog read when I wrote that and that’s because yet again the sun failed to put in a real showing on Saturday (I’m starting to think me and the […]

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Student Leader Election Results

» 16 March 2012 » 2 Comments

I am very pleased to announce the following results of the Student Leader elections for 2012 The winning candidates will take up their post on 1st of July for the academic year 2012/13 AU Officer: Saranna Harris Sports and Health Officer:Heather Undrell   Societies Officer : Jade Head JCR’s Officer:Jack Hodgson Performing Arts Officer:Claire  Gilbert Rag Officer:Caroline Hughes […]

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» 04 March 2012 » 2 Comments

The day is Sunday March 4th 2012. Wet, windy, cold, bleak. A day that epitomises the Great British winter (yes I know, March is definitely not winter but it’s England. You never know what you’re going to get). Yet this day sets the scene for one of the most epic Varsity events in the Southampton […]

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SUSU Elections – The Candidates!

» 16 February 2012 » 2 Comments

As Deputy Returning Officer of the SUSU Sabbatical and Trustee elections 2012, I am please to announce that the following candidates have successfully nominated themselves for the following positions:   Union President Sam Ling Simon Boyce RON ( Re Open Nominations)   VP Academic Affairs Sasha Watson Mairead McGuirk Sophie Kamperis Rachel Stockey Oliver Bills […]

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